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Earn More, Save More, and Spend Less Is The Motto

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Earlier this month, I wrote about how The First Half of 2017 Tested Me, But Grew Me In The Perfect Way, and I received so much positive feedback through emails, texts, direct messages and more. One of the main things people asked me about was how I was able to pay all my bills when income was coming slowly or not at all. A couple of years back, I would’ve had to ask my dad for money or take a part time job. To be honest, there were several times when it was getting close to paying bills time that I thought I was going to have to sit down with my dad and say I need help. Let me be honest; this is not something I wanted to do at all. I am beyond thankful that I have a parent who has the financial means to help me, but I told myself three years ago when I decided to get my finances in order I was not going to rely on my father to provide for me. My goal is to be self-reliant and be able to provide for myself and my mother. This gets us to earn more, save more and spend less motto that I instilled in myself when my business was earning $10,000 a month in digital revenue. Continue Reading →

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