Lessons Learned: Sonja of Brick and Mortar Maven

Late this summer I was introduced to Sonja of Brick and Mortar Maven by a former client who has a local boutique. One of my favorite things to tell people is that you need to get your hands dirty when starting a business, but most importantly hire people who can help you avoid the hiccups that might come along the way. Sonja is located right outside of Nashville, TN but has helped so many turn their dreams into reality.  Continue reading

Why You Need To Be Creating A Sinking Funds For Your Finances

Over the last year, I have received a plethora of messages asking me about how I handle my finances as small business owner. To be honest, I was shocked to see others asking me about how I manage my money because almost five years ago I was not that great it, to say the least. I am proud to say my financial understanding and goals have done a complete 180, which I am very proud of. However, in those messages, I read your comments on how you switched to making Monday your money management day, started zero budget method, and switching over to AldiContinue reading

How To Make 2018 A Fresh Start For Your Life

Is it possible to hit a reset button and start all over? There is no real reset button, but you can choose to make a fresh start for your life at any time. There is no better time than the first of the new calendar year. This year is going to be different for you and I because of the daily choices we make to strive for greatness in various areas. One area that I am striving to reset is my relationship with God. He is the sources that allow me to achieve all those goals I am sharing below. Even in my storm He mercies and grace have been consistent daily, but I have failed numerous times. This morning, I asked for a fresh start with him. To start our relationship over so I can truly be obedient in life. Today, I want to publicly share my goals for this year with you.  Continue reading