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Etsy Gift Guide

I am a newcomer to the Etsy world. My best fried Roquelle is always telling my about her great finds on their site. I made my first purchase a while back, and I have been hooked ever since. One of the great things about Etsy is that you can shop at small businesses all year round.  A small business is getting your support and you’re getting an item you couldn’t find locally. Here are some of my fave shops on Etsy.

1. Lip balm: here 2.Gold Skull Woven Bracelets: here 3. Oia Jules bracelet: here 4. Sea Salt Body Scrub: here 5. Throw Pillows: here 6. Blue Bird wristlet: here  7. Body Butter: here 8. phone case: here 9. iSeeNoise Prints: here 10. Faith, Love, Hope wire bracelet: here 11. Creme De La Creme Poster: here


If you still don’t know exactly want to purchase for your friends, remember gift cards are a wonderful way to splurge on the people you care about. They are offered at all Etsy stores. There is something for everyone!


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