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Brown Sugar and Glitter: A Lovely Pair

Raise your hand if you thought you became Martha Stewart after joining Pinterest. *Raises hand* I have always loved being creative and crafty, but my level of DIY went to new heights when I was introduced to Pinterest. My favorite things to make are candles, body scrubs, bracelets and anything that requires glitter. For my friends birthdays, they request body scrub, and I thought I would share the process of making Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub. I’m also going to share one of my favorite DIYs, a Glitter Box.

1. What you need for the Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub:

  • Empty Jar
  • Raw Brown Sugar
  • Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Organic Honey
  • Oil (I recommend olive oil)

2. In a bowl, mix one cup of Brown Sugar, two tablespoons of honey,  1/3 cups olive oil, and  one tablespoon of vanilla.

3. Mix well so there are no lumps.

4. Place mixture into mason jar.

5. Use as a gift or treat yourself!

1. Mix all ingredients in the bowl.

2. Mix it until it’s nice and smooth. You dont want there to be lumps of sugar in the mixture.

3. Place in a mason jar and get to scrubbing.

Here are some other Body Scrub recipes. I love the coffee one.

This past weekend, when I was out shopping, I saw a great black box and thought it would be even cooler with some bling or glitter. I bought the box at the container store for $5, and transformed it into a beautiful statement piece.

Things you need:

  • Box with flat surface and paper underneath
  • Glitter (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby)
  • Tacky glue (also can be purchased at Hobby Lobby)
  • Rubbing alcohol

1.Gather rubbing alcohol, tacky glue, black glitter and box.

2. Clean surface with alcohol.

3. Put a generous amount of glue on top of the box.

4. Cover box with ample amount of glitter.

5. Voila! You now have a new glitter box to give to a friend or keep for yourself

1.Gather rubbing alcohol, tacky glue, black glitter and box.