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Shop Small For Valentine’s Day

Shop Small Biz for Valentines Day

1. Amour Bracelet by Shop BFrend. 2. Enjoi Cupake Red Velvet Cupcake In A Jar 3. Clutched & Covered Polka Dot Clutch  4. Gigee Marie Sorbet Studded Mini  5. T + J Designs Love Necklace 6. Whipped Body Goods Valentine Set   7. Wriste Soiree Phoebe Necklace 8. Made by Girl Love Print

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone needs a little love. Spread the love by checking out these small businesses and shopping their store for your Valentine’s gift for a loved one or even a gift for yourself. I personally own a Love print already, but I think I need some Whipped Body Goods (hopefully those will be coming home very soon).


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