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Entrepreneur Dating in The City

Entrepreneur Dating In The City

Where does one begin with a post of this nature? I am a twenty-eight year old woman who runs two successful companies, I have a lot of things going for me. I also consider myself pretty but one thing is missing from the equation – someone to share it with. This isn’t a woe is me — preaching to all the single girls of the world post. This is my insight on the business of online dating from that standpoint of an entrepreneurial woman. 

Dating is just really different from when I was in college, sometimes I even see why women got Mrs. Degree’s back in the day: feminist please save me the rants and nasty emails. As a women, we all know dating is not easy. Yes, I am pretty and people assume men ask me out all the time but I will stop you there. Guys stare at me but they do not ask me out or go out of their way to say hello. These days even, holding the door open for women seems like a hard concept for them. I literally can count on one hand how many times I’ve been asked out by a guy in real life in the last four years.

So here enters online dating — I have tried a multitude of sites: Christian Mingle, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Match.com and as of lately, Tinder. Ironic because I found it reading Mashable. One day I was talking to my friend Kathleen and she mentioned all the AWESOME guys she was meeting on Tinder. I mean what girl doesn’t want to date a professional guy who gets to travel the world? Sign me up.

In my last three years of using online dating, I can honestly say I just hope one day I’ll meet THE guy while in the frozen food aisle in Wholefoods. Yes, lots of hot eligible bachelors are in there ladies. Hey at least you know from the start you both are focused on healthy living.

Just like the world of anonymous blogger commentators, people post their best photos and write the most captivating bio’s that reel you in. Some men do not write bio’s at all and post the worst photo’s ever. Like seriously – you have crazy eyes and you have a cat in the photo!

In this time, I have learned most guys do not comprehend what it means to run a consulting firm or run a content based site dedicated to women entrepreneurs- what this entails. They think I am rather strange and too darn independent for my own good — that also shows me they aren’t my guy. Trust I would never settle, I am too good for that. The messages I get range from me thinking – okay Ill give him a chance, to OMG let me block and cuss out Kathleen for referring me to this site.

I don’t like being called sexy and I loathe the – “why are you single, your hot” question. I really don’t like being asked if their genitalia size matters without even saying hello. Yes! A guy who was super hot and a lawyer asked me – does size matter? That was his first question to me — he didn’t even say hello first. Rude much? laughs.

Online dating is not easy but when you add to the mix that you don’t follow the rules, you actually throw some guys for a loop. I was even told I was high maintenance – ONLINE. They never met me but saw I was carrying a designer purse. Ummm – if I am not asking you to buy my Fendi bag or my Prada pumps, you have no right to call me high maintenance. I am a girl who buys her own stuff, Mister.

Being told I am too ambitious and why would I want to run a business is insulting. Some guys even assumed I did nothing all day. They wondered how can one make money with a content based website, some didn’t even know what a content based site was. I see why actors date actresses-they understand the person’s life.

No I don’t need to be told the cliche of: when you stop looking he will come. I am actually not “looking.” I am just trying to add someone to my eighty hour, self-employed work week that is cool and down to earth.

Can a girl want company to go to Farmer’s market on Saturday’s?

What are your online dating experiences? Share some with me and we will compare notes.

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  • Shondra

    hahaha… I get it. I was there. Then, I just married Christ and called it a day. God’s a good husband, he provides me with almost everything I need… dreams aren’t enough sometimes, but I’ve decided if I’m really hard up for it, I’ve got enough money now that I can pay for it. OMG… Did I just say that? Yes, I did. #overit #jaded

    • imperfctconcept

      Hi Shondra, this was more a light heart post on dating. nothing too serious. I have a rather great relationship with God. I am not dating him. Just want someone normal that understands me running a business that might want to go to the farmers market lol =)

  • Eve

    I’ve been there. I totally get how you feel. But in the past 10 years, I’ve learned the following (in order):
    Age 25) I’m smart, beautiful, independent, capable… I don’t need anyone, I got me and my job

    Age 26) All the good ones are taken – They are married or gay
    Age 27) Independent women are hard to wrestle down and most of the guys that are up for the challenge are challenge driven AKA douchebags or dogs only in it for the chase. Once they catch you, they are done. Never stop running.
    Age 28) Never settle. Ugly men are often not endowed by any means and a complete waste of your time… waste of time and you were seen in public with them. *sigh*
    Age 29) Men need something to do and part of that is in taking care of you; if you don’t let him do that, he has no purpose and quickly dismisses himself

    Age 30) Maybe my s&it actually stinks and it takes a year of loving myself to calmly reflect on that before I’m ready to be with someone that will love me even when I’m shatting on the toilet.
    Age 31) Where is he?
    Age 32) He’s not coming… Damn, should I have gotten with my ex at the class reunion that has 2 kids from 2 separate mothers and works at Home Depot.
    Age 33) Maybe a nunnery was the solution…
    Age 34) On a flight home from London… “There you are…”

    You never know when or where, don’t give up hope, but don’t wallow in despair when he’s not there when you want him. He comes right on time because he doesn’t want to miss the flight either. 😉

    • imperfctconcept

      Lol you have learned a lot in those ten years. This was more of a light hearted post on how online dating is not for me because my “target demographic aka a guy I would like to date” is not a member of those sites. As stated I am not looking for someone. More so friendship that grows into something. Glad you met your husband and have a cute story. Kinda cool you meet on a flight

  • Baby Shopaholic

    You are too funny! Lucky for me I bypassed the online dating era. Glad you know yourself and won’t settle.

    • imperfctconcept

      Thanks. Someone should create a site dedicate to online dating stories. It would be laugh out loud. Yes be very thankful you met the Mister before this. I will have great stories to tell my children on the journey to how I met their dad, when that day comes lol

  • This post was too funny!! I can relate to the online dating too. I’ve tried it and it wasn’t for me and I knew quite a few of the guys who were coming up in the “suggestions”. Back to the drawing board…I guess lol

    • imperfctconcept

      Ha those suggestions always kill me. Like really this is who you want to match me with. Nope. Glad I am not alone and you thought it was funny.

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