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The Creative Process of Digital Products

Some time ago in December, I shared a brief overview on Instagram, on my creative process of establishing digital products for ICB Consults. To my surprise, more people wanted to know my exact process to creating, designing, and launching products. My creative process is based on a routine believe it or not.  Creating Digital Products

This is the photo I shared that sparked the conversation.

Aha Moment of Idea

As most of you know, when I started consulting I wanted a “product” to go along with the consults. To help walk the clients through it step by step when they weren’t on the phone with me. That’s how I came up with the eBooks. I start with an idea to solve a problem or God gives me an idea. A plethora of my ideas are built off of each other. If you have the five eBooks you can see how they have built off of each other like a stepping stone. A couple of weeks ago, I was just sitting at my desk when an idea came to me. Then I continued thinking about it in the shower. The best ideas come happen in the most random places.

My Creative Space – Starbucks

If I’m not in my home office I’m at Starbucks or Lola Savannah! Christopher at Lola Savannah knows my order from my tea to my avocado BLT. This is where I sit down and draw out the ideas. I rarely map out ideas at home. For some reason the coffee shop is where I need to be. It breeds consistency and familiarity for me.

The Creative Process of Digital Products 

Hand Sketch

Each one of the eBooks, Digital Launch Kits, and Business Essential Prints were hand sketched and WRITTEN! Coach James, my 11th English grade teacher, said hand write it 3 times, fix the errors, then type it. That has been my process ever since never deterring from it. I have originals of all my stuff. I like sketching! Using rulers, color pencils, and wasabi tape! The sketches are really important to me. I tend to sketch one page over and over til it’s to the level of my liking. This helps build the designs of other pages. There has been so much growth since creating my first digital products. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing.  How To Create Digital Products For Your Service Business

Design Process

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I didn’t know the first thing about designing eBooks. The wave of digital products had just hit when I decided to create mine. There was no real way to understand the formatting. People were teaching eCourses but it wasn’t giving me the information I needed. My, then graphic designer, did all my eBooks. I liked them but didn’t love them. Now, I have a freelancer named Audra, she gets it!  Sometimes I’ll miss things in the sketch & she fills it in. Everything is designed in Illustrator. Most of the time its hit out the park and then other times we have to fine tune it.

Sales First Day

As I have grown with my business, I’ve realized that I can’t put out mediocre product. In Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work, he talks about letting your audience be apart of the process. That is what I do with my digital products. I let them see the process from start to finish. I ask them for ideas and input. As my audience watches me design and discuss my latest project, it builds anticipation for its release. This has helped my business guarantee sales on the first day. Sales first day have ranged from $500-$2000 dollars. It truly depends on the buzz I have built around the product.

Two of the most important things about creating digital products for your company is not forcing it and have a team. I am lucky to be creative by nature but at the same time a million ideas run through my mind. I no longer force content it isn’t right. There have been things I wanted to do but the execution of it wasn’t right. Having Audra, actually designing everything for me is a tremendous bonus. You can be creative and relinquish your design process to someone else. This is my business’ creative process of digital products. What thoughts and questions do you have on making products for your business?

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  • Kyona McGhee

    Thanks so much for the insight!!

    • imperfctconcept

      Truly my pleasure

  • Beth Shereyf

    Great article. It gives enough about the process without giving too much. I am a little curious about the content of the products. I am just starting a side business and helping my sister out. We will be developing a marketing plan soon and I found a great article with tips that I’d like to use to help her. This person does not provide worksheets so I wanted to create some for my personal use. Is that stealing? No information out there is new and most people tailor what they find to their needs. Is that typically how it’s done?

    • imperfctconcept

      If you use that persons intellectually property to create the worksheets you are infringing on copyright.

      There is a plethora of new content being created daily. New tools, platforms and ways of thinking. You can see my products content on http://www.icbconsults.com and most people who create digital show you a piece of the “product” not all of it.

      • Beth Shereyf

        Thank you.

  • RChelle Mullins

    I appreciate you sharing this process. I can say that it definitely sparked inspiration b/c I’m in the idea phase and trying to get the design phase…finding a location outside of my home office would be helpful as well. And I definitely need that set team you talked about. Again, thanks for sharing & I can wait to implement some of the ideas.

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes, stepping outside my home office to create has helped me so much. Find someone who understands your ideas and they can design it for you. Always glad to help.

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