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Lessons Learned: Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare

Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare shares her lessons learned while running her company.
Over the last year or so, Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare has become one of my favorite product-based businesses to share with others and give her products as gifts. I met Brittney when she came to me for consulting services, and when I say she had the master plan already written out its the truth. Her products are amazing, locally sourced, and made with attention to detail and love.

Why did you start your business? My daughter was born in November 2012 and all the natural skincare products that were in the stores irritated her skin and caused breakouts, irritations, etc. I wasn’t sure exactly what was in the products that were irritating to her skin because even though they said “natural” there were still lots of ingredients I had no idea what they were. So I started to make my own products and from there it turned into a business.
How long have you been in business? I started my business is January 2015
Where are you located? Atlanta, GA
The biggest obstacle when initially launching? I think the biggest obstacle (there were MANY) was funds. Starting a business as a single mom with a toddler is NO JOKE!
If you could start all over again what would you do differently? Absolutely nothing. Its all about learning and growing….both of which I did and still am.
What area of the startup do people not provide that much information on that you had to dig deeper for? I think really in this day and age there is tons of information out there…so it’s more so digging and sorting through the mounds of info. Some good some not good, some you can use some you cant.
How much was the initial startup cost for your business? I would say initial startup costs were a few hundred dollars to make me a legal business.
What is your favorite thing about being your own boss? I’m not yet fully my own boss. I still work a full-time job.
Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare shares her lessons learned while running her company.
Do you have a community that surrounds you? If so, how do you find these amazing people? Yes, I have a community that surrounds me. Some I’ve known since middle school and would give my right arm for,  others I’ve met over the years and would give my left arm for. Others I met through Tasha of Imperfect Concepts as well as a local group of ladies.
Did you utilize the services of a consultant, ebooks or eCourse when launching? If so, why was it important for you to do this? Yes, I did….all of the above. It was important to me because I needed direction and accountability. At the time of launching my business, I had so much going on in my personal life that was easily distracting me from really pushing and getting my business off the ground. 
Where do you see your business 3 years from now? In three years I see my business as my full-time job.
What advice would you give a new business owner? Don’t operate out of fear….it will keep you in the same spot year after year.
Favorite resources for small business owners? The Bible, Podcasts: NPR How I Built This, Side Hustle Pro, Masters of Scale, EntreLeadership are some I love.
Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare shares her lessons learned while running her company.
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