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Learn How To Truly Connect With Influencers For A Win-Win Relationship

If you really want to connect with the top influencers in your industry these four tips are a must. | Imperfect Concepts

People LOVE sliding into my DM’s on social media to ask me a question, to purchase their products and more. Yes, I am all for supporting other small businesses especially women based companies, but I have an issue with how new business owners lack the professionalism on how to form a relationship before asking for something. Today, I really want to give you a simple break down on how to ask an influencer for something right.  Continue Reading →

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Five Secrets Instagram Influencers Are Not Sharing With You

How I grew my engagement on instagram with these secrets the influencers do not want you to know about. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbiz #instagram #socialmedia

Instagram is no longer the new kid on the block that people are weary regarding joining for their business. Its one of the number one questions I receive “how to utilize Instagram to grow my business” and all the other questions that will flow from that one singular question. A couple years back, I was weary of the platform but I should’ve jumped in maybe I would be ahead who knows. Today, I actually want to talk to you about the good, bad and ugly of growing your business on Instagram. Continue Reading →

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How To Pitch Influencers

How To Pitch Influencers

We are getting close to end of our series on working with influencers. It seems this is a subject matter many of you want to read about so you can incorporate it into your business marketing plans. If you are just joining us in the series, make sure to read: Creating Loyal Brand Ambassadors, How To Collaborate with Influencers, and Cultivating Relationships With Influencers so you can have a complete grasp of this subject matter.

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Cultivating Relationships With Influencers

Cultivating Relationships With Influencers

As we discussed in last months how to collaborate with influencers, this can help grow your business in different and new avenues – if done right. While engaging several of you on social media, I’ve learned there are  misconceptions of how to actually build relationships. Let me point out that you should never just send someone products in hopes they will shout you out. You need a feasible approach that will guarantee results and longevity in the relationship.

Trust, this is something I talk to clients about daily in coaching. I personally have had celebrities such as Angela Simmons and Toya Wright wear garments from my first start up. On the other hand, I’ve had experiences reaching out to some big time reality stars who’s management promised their client would rock something. They received a million things they never wore and proceeded to ignore countless emails about gifts. So let’s talk about doing this right so you can get a return on the investment.  Continue Reading →

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How To Collaborate With Influencers

How To Collaborate With Influencers

Yesterday we talked about creating loyal brand ambassadors for your small businessThis is one of the first way I would suggest growing your business from its local roots into becoming a national sensation. The next would be collaborating with influencer’s — lifestyle specialist, trendsetters or bloggers. However you want to phrase it, this is a person who can help sell your company to their legions of followers.

When I started my first business, I bought advertising on several bloggers sites and did not get return on the investment. Almost five years later, I see where I went wrong with the process.  Continue Reading →

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Create Seamless Collaborations This Holiday Season To Increase Reach

4 tips to help you this holiday season increase your small business sales by utilizing collaboration with like minded businesses owners.
This post contains an affiliate link.

Truth be told a plethora small business owners have a smaller budget when it comes to advertising, marketing, products, production, and much more. However, this season I want you to collaborate with other small business owners, influencers, creatives, and more this holiday season to have a great impact. When you’re united with others you’re a stronger force to build your dreams and go further.

Truth be told a plethora small business owners have a smaller budget when it comes to advertising, marketing, products, production, and much more. However, this season I want you to collaborate with other small business owners, influencers, creatives, and more this holiday season to have a great impact. When you’re united with others you’re a stronger force to build your dreams and go further.

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How To Prepare Your Business For This Upcoming Holiday Season

Getting your small business ready for holiday season in July. | Imperfect Concepts

We are less than four half months away before the holiday season is full swing. Big stores such as Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target and more will have Santa Claus decking their aisle soon as Halloween is over. Too many times, I hear small business owners complain about missed opportunities, being overwhelmed, lack of sales and more when the holidays do roll around. Nine times out of ten its because they were not preparing at all for the upcoming season. It always baffles me when people say “I can’t believe it’s Christmas time.” It happens every year like clockwork we should not be surprised at all. Here are five ways you can prepare your business for this upcoming holiday season.

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Obtaining One Percent Of The Local Community As Revenue Stream

5 Tips on how you can start obtaining your local community as clients and customers for your small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Okay, the hardest part of this writing this article was coming up with a title that resonated with you my audience, but also conveyed what I was going to talk about. Last week, I mentioned the importance of landing one percent of the local community as customers or clients for your business. Sharing how that could positively change the trajectory of your companies revenue stream. Today, I want to go even further in detail regarding one percent rule that I have created.  Continue Reading →

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Is Blogging, Social Media, & Email Marketing Running You Raggedy

Breaking down the pro's and con's of blogging, social media and email marketing for small business owners. | Imperfect Concepts

In all honesty, running a business is extremely hard on its own. This is why I am focused on maintaining the clients I have and hosting workshops. I don’t want to add more work to my plate than needs be. However, there was a time when I believed that for a small business to be successful, the owner must blog, social media and email marketing. Since then, my mainframe has completely changed. It was not because of the burnout that happened when trying to do all those things in more. I actually became really smart about my business and other people’s business. Today, I want to breakdown what your business needs to do when it comes to blogging, social media and email marketing.

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Five Of The Most Popular Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

Outlining five of the best ways to grow your instagram followers. No credit card needed. | Imperfect Concepts

Some “expert or guru” will say that if you’re looking to grow a large following on Instagram, that boat has sailed. To be honest, I believe you can do anything you put your mind to especially when it comes to growing your small business social media presence. It’s all about finding the right methods for your small business. Personally, I have seen people take an account to zero to 10,000 in six months in 2016. So, know that you can still grow your Instagram following long as you’re willing to work hard for it.  Today, I am giving you a breakdown of the five most popular ways to grow your Instagram following. Continue Reading →

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The Non-Sleazy Way To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Six tips to help you grow your email marketing list for your small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Trust me; when I say I know you want to grow your email marketing list, but do not want to go about the sleazy way that makes you feel uncomfortable. One thing I love about my small business is how it has grown the organic way of word of mouth. Yes, I teach people how to pay for growth by utilizing advertise and influencers. Something, I had done when I had my online boutique. However, a majority of my growth especially when it comes to my email marketing has been organic word of mouth growth.  Continue Reading →

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