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Four Lessons I Learned From Being A Substitute Teacher

Being A Substitute Teacher has taught me some amazing lessons as a small business owner.

As I wrote in July in my “The First Half Of 2017 Tested Me, But Grew Me In The Perfect Way” blog finances have been up and down for 2017. I am thankful a majority of 2017, I lived off of my savings for day to day needs. Well, as the end year was ending I knew my savings was at zero and I wouldn’t make it. So, I had to humble myself and take a job to help pay the bills. Sallie Mae doesn’t care about my pride, they want their $500 a month for my student’s loans. Continue Reading →

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Lessons Learned: Jessica of DSR Apparel

Jessica of DSR Apparel shares her insight on the lessons she has learned thus far on her small business journey.

Several years ago, when I had an online store I decided to put my PR degree to good use by pitching bloggers to cover my boutique. There was a list of over 50 bloggers across the United States that I reached out to for an interview. Jessica of DSR Apparel was one of those bloggers, and since then she has turned into one of my closest friends. She is brilliant beyond a shadow of a doubt, her gif text game is poppin, and she honestly has a passion for what she is doing.

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Learn How To Optimize Your Online Store For The Upcoming Holiday Season

Seven areas you need to optimized on your website for this holiday season.

We are less than 60 days away from this upcoming holiday season in being in full swing. Heck, Hobby Lobby had Christmas decor out in July. So, what does this actually mean for your small business with a drastically smaller marketing budget, website, and team? One of the best investments you can make is optimizing your website for holiday season 2017 now versus two days before Black Friday. Waiting until the last minute will not yield you the results you want for your pageviews, sales, and customer acquisition plans.  Continue Reading →

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Creating Content Your Audience Wants To Read

4 steps on how you can create content your audience wants to read.

When it came to blogging in 2016, I was three months ahead when it came to my content creation schedule. To say I was on a roll and was loving that blogging was made super easy is an understatement. My heart was really into blogging and content creating at the time. Not to say, I do not love what I do, but there was an energy level that I had that is not the same right now. However, I want to take a moment today to talk about creating content your audience wants to read in less time. Continue Reading →

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Lessons Learned: Jessica of No Real Jewelry

Women entrepreneurship sharing their truths about running a business. | Imperfect Concepts

Today, I want you to meet Jessica of No Real Jewelry based out of Chicago, IL. Funny story, I always saw D’Cher of Love Peridot tweeting Jessica on Twitter and I was like who is this person. You know we are all types of nosy in real life. Well, I immediately followed her and it’s been one of the best decisions ever. Jessica is amazing inside and out on all levels. I love reading her blog, newsletter and following her social media. She is a true go-getter.  Continue Reading →

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Inspirational Books That Have Helped Me During A Hard Season Of Life

Five books for those who are going through a tough season of life and need inspiration. | Imperfect Concepts

First, let me state that I really wish I could provide some amazing title that makes everyone click, but at last, I just couldn’t do the “five books every woman business owner should read” click bait title. Mainly because everyone is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have bought those books everyone said I had to read as a female business owner and several I could not get past the first chapter. Spending $15-$30 per book that I would constantly giveaway. Instead, I wanted to share a couple inspirational books in my eyes that have helped me in a hard season of life.

If you’re a lover of books, you know how important the author’s voice is and why it matters to you as a reader. There was a time where I read over 50 books a year, but that has drastically changed. I am now in a place in my life where the information I take in I really want to marinate and have an impact on my life from the way I personally live to how it impacts my business model. Here is a list of all the books, I have read thus far in 2017 and honestly each one sparked something in me.

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Lessons Learned: D’Cher of Love Peridot

Women entrepreneurship sharing their truths about running a business. | Imperfect Concepts

Today, I want you to meet D’Cher of Love Peridot located in the Chicago, IL area. Let me just say that when I say I adore D’Cher and what she is doing I mean that. I am super excited for her continued growth as an entrepreneur. Daily she is striving to bring to not only be a better business owner but brightens her customers lives with her amazing pieces she sources herself. If you’re in the Chicago area make sure you stop by the Boss Babe Popup Shop she is one of the vendors. Continue Reading →

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How To Network With A Purpose & Collaboration In Mind

Arent we all over networking events that feel like a waste of time and a good outfit that wasn’t even photographed? Well, that is why I am all about networking with a purpose and collaboration in mind. You’re not going to networking events just to be seen or to have a filler photo for your Instagram feed. You’re there to connect with others in order to have a purposeful relationship that brings forth collaborations in the future. There are five things you must keep in mind prior to attending conferences, workshops, networking events or other gathers with your peers. Continue Reading →

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Ten Ways To Drive Traffic Towards Your Website

Easy ways for you to drive traffic to your website as an online business owner. Imperfect Concepts
This post contains affiliate links

No matter, if you’re a product or service based business driving traffic to your website is important. I know you prefer creating, designing, purchasing the products, and all the other aspects of business and selling feel icky to you, but it doesn’t have to be. Over the last eight years of business, I have used several ways to drive traffic to my website for new products, service launches and much more.

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Learn To Be Obedient When You Really Want To Buy A Chanel Purse

Tasha Robinson Imperfect Concepts Dress: Alice + Olivia Sunglasses: Quay Austrialia Necklace: Letters By Zoe Mini Bar Bracelet: Letters By Zoe Engraved Disc Fortune

First, understand we are all called to be obedient & good stewards over what we are blessed with. I have not been the best steward over those blessings in my life, however in recent years, months & sometimes days I have radical experience from doing so. Mainly, I have given myself the option to dig deeper into the root of the issue that is causing me to want to stray. That’s what I want to talk to you about. It doesn’t have to be Chanel bags, it can be Starbucks, excessive spending, travel, eating bad food, and many other things that we allow to control us when life gets stressful. Continue Reading →

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