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Learn How To Optimize Your Online Store For The Upcoming Holiday Season

Seven areas you need to optimized on your website for this holiday season.

We are less than 60 days away from this upcoming holiday season in being in full swing. Heck, Hobby Lobby had Christmas decor out in July. So, what does this actually mean for your small business with a drastically smaller marketing budget, website, and team? One of the best investments you can make is optimizing your website for holiday season 2017 now versus two days before Black Friday. Waiting until the last minute will not yield you the results you want for your pageviews, sales, and customer acquisition plans.  Continue Reading →

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Utilizing First Purchase Cards To Attract New Customers

Learn how to design a first purchase card in canva that helps you obtain new local customers or clients. | Imperfect Concepts

For almost two or three years, I have been talking about the importance of having a local marketing and customer retention plan while most experts or gurus were pushing people to dump all their eggs into the social media basket. Last month, Twitter announced they would be closing the Vine platform. Causing people to go into a tizzy of what they should be doing regarding social media and growing their business.  Continue Reading →

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Five Elements That Might Be Missing From Your Website

Launching a business can be incredibly tedious, and you’re nervous about missing an element of your website. Trust me; I have been there, and that’s why it’s important to do a website audit every 90-days. Time and time again, I have seen new business owners glance over these little things, but in customers eyes they build trust. Remember, customers buy from people they trust and want to support.  Continue Reading →

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How To Design Newsletter Opt In For Your Website

Creating an opt in for your website that makes visitors want to sign up. | Imperfect Concepts #design #canva #popup #newsletter #emailmarketing

If you have shopped on a small business owners website in the last year or read most blogs you have encounter a pop up or opt in that alerts customers or readers to sign up for a newsletter. This is a great way to increase your newsletter subscribes by offering them a free gift for subscribing. Today, I want to teach you how to design a newsletter opt in for your website that wows.  Continue Reading →

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3 Call To Action Phrases You Should Alter Today

You are using the wrong call to action phrases on your site. Learn how to change them and increase sales. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #advice

The other day, I was on Barney’s website looking at some shoes, what makes this interesting is I noticed a couple things about their website that I never noticed before. Then I went on a couple other websites from high end to small business. Doing compare and contrast of what I was seeing. The words and phrases used in your website copy are just as important as the visuals you display on your site. They should invoke emotion and immediate call to action when a victor lands on your website. Here are three call to action phrases hindering your business. Continue Reading →

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Establishing Call To Actions For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Earlier this month I helped you create templates for your email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp. If you have not read that article check it out, it will help you with this piece. Email marketing is huge no matter the size of your business. It is essential that you are sending them out to your audience on a regular basis. What is even more is that the content is engaging them by starting conversation, purchases and more. Otherwise, your campaigns are not giving you a ROI for your business.  Continue Reading →

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How To Optimize Your Website For The Holiday Season

Easy ways for you to optimize your website for the upcoming holiday season. | Imperfect Concepts #SEO #Holiday #SmallBusiness #Optimize

It’s that time of year where everyone is excited to shop, eat, travel, and experience life. As a business owner, this is one of the busiest seasons of the year for you. Last year, my digital products from ICB Consults brought in thousands of dollars between November and December. I’m getting my business ready to triple sales numbers from last year. That means optimizing my website for the holiday season.  Continue Reading →

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Elements of A Stellar About Page

Outlining the key elements every small business owner needs on their website about page. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #businessadvice #aboutpage #website

Last month I wrote about, establishing a better contact form and it was received very well. Honestly, I think those little details regarding about pages and contact forms matter. My about page is always in the top ten views on my analytical for the website. People want to know about who they are supporting, sites they are reading and more. Personally, I feel uneasy when I go to website and they are missing an about page. Scam, fraud and more start flashing in my mind. I know that seems like a lot for a missing about page but I think why do they not have one. What are they trying to hide from me as a consumer.  Continue Reading →

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Design A “Next Purchase Discount Card” To Establish A Customer Retention Program

Step by step guide on how you can design a "next purchase discount card" to bring your customers back monthly. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #Creative

People tell me that customers tend to be one and done when it comes to shopping with them. Meaning they shop once or they shop here and there every now and again. Primarily, when there is a deep discount attached to it. Well, I have a little secret that some big companies use and I use with my clients. I have deemed it the “Next Purchase Discount Card”. This is a simple way to reward customers who shop with you. Some people have argued with me, “I don’t want to reward people unless they spend x amount of money”. Well, here is the problem with that, unless you’re the innovator or creator of what you have, people can go else where to purchase. People can read a million blogs focused on small business advice.  Continue Reading →

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