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Establishing A Better Contact Form For Your Website

Updating your contact form on your website to ensure a wow factor. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #BusinessAdvice

Too many times as small business owners, we overlook things like the contact page. We brush it off as just a form. That’s it, there’s nothing else special about it. No need to make sure things work after it has been established. Once our sites are live and the contact page is good, we leave it at that for the remainder of the time our website is up. Well today, I want to discuss why the contact page is one the most important pages after your “product/service” page and your About page.  Continue Reading →

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Behind The Scenes Of My Creative Process

Showing a sneak peek on how I run my business and create over twenty digital products that have made me six-figures. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #PassiveIncome #Creative

I’m going to share something with you that’s going to increase your productivity, especially in the creative area of your business. I only create when I’m feeling creative. Heavens doors open and angels begin to sing. It’s really that simple. If I’m not feeling creative I don’t create. I don’t force any thing when it comes to my business, especially not, the content I put out. On average, I am producing some type of content on a daily basis on social media, through blogging, or with a product for ICB Consults. That’s a plethora of information being produced on a daily basis, that could result in a burn out. I would prefer not burn out. Continue Reading →

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How To Create & Share Printables On WordPress

Easy guide on how to create a printable to provide to your blogging audience. | Imperfect Concepts #Blogging #SmallBusiness #Wordpress

Last month, I created my first free PDF guide, “How To Execute An Idea Like A Boss“. Before then, I had been creating digital products for distribution on ICB Consults platform. The same process of idea-sketch-edit-design-build buzz-release that I previously discussed in, “The Creative Process of Digital Products”, went into the creation of the guide.

Being able to create and share free printables on WordPress is the perfect way to build trust with your audience. You’re giving away something and providing knowledge. Technically, I went backwards so to speak. The only free content that I had was on here and the blog. There were no digital products for people to preview if my quality of work was worth the amount I charged. That wasn’t my approach. I’m more of a “show you that I am an expert with my knowledge” and that would in turn will make the sales for me.

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Utilizing A Landing Page To Grow Your Audience

Why using a landing before launch is essential in your companies success. | Imperfect Concepts

I am social media snooper, there I said it. When people follow me on social media, I click their profile to see if I want to follow them. On Instagram, it is mainly women business owners (or future business owners) who follow me. One of the most recurring aspects of their pages was, that their bio said “comingsoon.com” for the url. This is a huge problem. My first issue is, someone already owns this domain, but you can buy it. I thought about buying it. Second off, this doesn’t help you capitalize on building a community.  Continue Reading →

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4 Ways To Grow Sales With Abandon Cart Feature

Millions of online sales are lost because of abandon carts. Learn a simple strategy you can implement today.

Millions of dollars are lost yearly because of abandon carts. Think about how many abandon carts you have left over the years when shopping online. Probably hundreds or thousands. I legit do this five to six times a week. There are several reasons for this, but that is another article for another time. However, there are ways you can utilize the abandon cart feature to your business’ advantage.  Continue Reading →

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Content Creators Steering Away From Bigcommerce Platform

Why Bigcommerce is not designed for content creators or service based businesses.

If a service based business reached out to me today, about launching on Bigcommerce, with a limited budget and knowledge of eCommerce platforms, I would advise them not to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the company and what they’re doing for physical product based companies with big budgets, but mom & pop shops are losing. I wrote a few lovely pieces on Bigcommerce, WordPress, and Squarespace about a month ago…so there’s no malice or hate. The company has a singular focus, in my opinion, that needs to be fixed.  Continue Reading →

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3 Ways To Improve Your Website

Simple three steps on how you can improve your business website today

As small business owners we get caught up in so many elements of running our business, that we tend to forget to fine tune our websites after they have been launched. This is a common mistake that millions of people make. They launch and obliviously neglect regularly updating their website. We aren’t talking about re-branding but simply improving the conversion rate and search engine optimization. Continue Reading →

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Guide To Writing An eBook

7 steps to writing an eBook to sell for your small business

Over the last couple of weeks, we have discussed the process of creating digital products for your business. I want to note that you don’t have to be a service business for this. You can be product based. If you’re an expert on a subject, you can create a digital product to help bring in a passive income for your business. Read up on these series: Transitioning From Retail To Consulting, The Creative Process of Digital Products, and Digital Products For Service Based Business. Continue Reading →

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Investing In Visual Imagery For Your Business

How you can spending a little bit of money on visual imagery such as font and stock photos can increase your small business revenue.

As my business grows more and more, I realize the importance of having visual imagery that resonates with my audience. It’s not something I over looked before, but as my business begins to grow in new areas it truly reigns supreme in drawing in a new audience.

I have talked about fonts and stock imagery before but I want to share some great options for you that you might have over looked.  Continue Reading →

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