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Establishing Call To Actions For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Earlier this month I helped you create templates for your email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp. If you have not read that article check it out, it will help you with this piece. Email marketing is huge no matter the size of your business. It is essential that you are sending them out to your audience on a regular basis. What is even more is that the content is engaging them by starting conversation, purchases and more. Otherwise, your campaigns are not giving you a ROI for your business.  Continue Reading →

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Investing In Visual Imagery For Your Business

How you can spending a little bit of money on visual imagery such as font and stock photos can increase your small business revenue.

As my business grows more and more, I realize the importance of having visual imagery that resonates with my audience. It’s not something I over looked before, but as my business begins to grow in new areas it truly reigns supreme in drawing in a new audience.

I have talked about fonts and stock imagery before but I want to share some great options for you that you might have over looked.  Continue Reading →

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Designing Call To Action Banners In Picmonkey

In all honesty, this was something I wanted to package as an eCourse, but instead, I decided to create a visual post to help small business owners create better Call To Action banners for their websites. We have discussed Call To Actions also known as CTA’s in these past two articles; How To Create Calls of Action and 3 Styles of Call To Action For Holiday. To make these even easier for the small business owner on a tight budget, we will make these call to action banners in Picmonkey which is a free design platform. Continue Reading →

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13 Tips To Help Increase Your Photography Skills

13 Tips To Help Increase Your Photography Skills #imperfectconcepts

When starting a business hiring a professional photographer to take your product shoots might not be in the budget. It can be a very costless expense when you are bootstrapping your business. We are now in the do it yourself era of running a business. Buying a camera, lighting equipment and more is simply the Tools Of The Trade to start your own photography studio for your products. We have crowdsources amazing tips from across the internet to help you with your photography skills Continue Reading →

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Death To Stock Photography

Death To Stock Photography

A majority of the images on our site come from stock photography companies we use. No one wants to read a lengthy blog post that is not broken up with imagery. Only person who gets away with no imagery is Seth Godin. Stock photography is something we have discussed before. No, you cannot just pull images from Google and use them. You can get in a heap of trouble. One small business was sued for $10K a couple years back for using someone else’s grainy photo.  Continue Reading →

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Why Business Cards Matter

why business cards matter in your business

They are not just your calling card or a way for someone to learn about your company — they are an essential piece of your company. After you have given all you’ve got through networking gatherings, conferences, seminars or even over coffee, these are how you will be remembered. There are some people they just cannot put a face to a name. However, they can remember who gave them that one business card that stood out. Since launching, I have gone through a multitude of business card designs. Some I have loved, some I have hated, but hey, they were free and then there were some I was just indifferent to and never got them printed.  Continue Reading →

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How To Create Calls of Action

How to create banners that create action for your customers

Are you letting customers become kids in a candy store. . . puzzled by that question? Let me explain further. If you don’t hold a child’s hand when they walk through a candy store they probably will run rampant with no direction. They’ll play with everything and eat anything in sight, you have to reel them back in and this causes tantrums. Now think about your site, are you guiding your customers as soon as they land on your site? Continue Reading →

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