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The Key to Product Photos

The Key To Product Photos

Today, we will be talking about a very important part of business: product photos. Product photos help a small business make a sale online (however a buy is not dependent on the product photo and it can actually depend on a number of factors including SEO, marketing, social media and much more). However, having a good product photo is essential because people have to see a product before they make a buy. Think about it, when you go into a store, think about how many times you touch and ogle over those shoes, that blazer, or that new statement necklace. Online shopping makes it harder for the potential customer to fiddle, flirt and try on the product, so they expect great photos. Here’s how to make your photos professional and buy worthy!
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Building My New Office

Furbisg pink lines sofa

I am currently planning a move to a new city that has a spacious beautiful loft calling my name. I will talk “the move” later on. Secretly, I have a serious obsession with interior design. I personally believe fashion and interior design go hand and hand. The key to both are to find pieces that inspire and make you giddy.

My jaw dropped when Mattie tweeted this sofa. I quietly prayed to myself that the link directed to an actual place to purchase. When it did, I thought this couch would be perfect for my office. Say Hello to FurbishBut wait, there’s more!

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Must See Interiors

Alice + Olivia Showroom

Alice + Olivia Showroom

Interior design is my second love. I can spend countless hours on pinterest looking at beautiful interiors or even more hours shopping at one home decor store to the next. So much inspiration can be drawn from a room. As I get older, I want a nice loft that I can decorate more and more. Here are some of my favorite interior spaces.

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