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Stylish Creative Entrepreneur Looks For Fall

Stylish Creative Entrepreneur Looks For Fall

Being stylish is not just limited to models, editors, or your favorite bloggers. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can be just as or even more stylish with their looks. It seems there is more networking, meets ups, and conferences in the fall than the spring, in my opinion. Or people just wanting to meet over a cup of coffee to get to know you better. First impressions can make or break your future partnership or investor deal. Continue Reading →

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Creative Business Owner Style

Creative Business Owner Style

Running your own business is completely different from going to work at a corporate office. People ask me what do I wear on a daily basis. I am not in my pj’s sitting on the couch eating coco puffs and watching Law & Order marathons. Contrary to people’s belief, I get dressed daily so Pinky and I can take over the world.  Continue Reading →

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On A Break of Sorts

Tasha in Krama Wheel Scarf, Gianni Bini Blouse, Juicy Couture jeans, Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy and Marco Santi Booties

I am going on a mental break of sorts. As a business owner, sometimes we need to completely step back from the situation and access it. Daily, I meet with people who feel entitled to my time, knowledge and whatever else they can squeeze out of me. I share a multitude of information because I really want other people to succeed, but when people push me past the point of appropriateness, I feel like I don’t want to help at all.

So, I have decided to take a break sorts from the advice I share on social media. I need to create better boundaries that allow me to share advice and feel great about myself. This leads me back to the very important idea that I need to create more content for the site.  Continue Reading →

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