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Shop Small: Jewelry Edition

Shop Small Jewelry

It’s that time of year again–where American Express puts an emphasis on shopping small in order to help support the small business community. If you have been a reader of Imperfect Concepts, you know I am huge fan of small business owners. We push shop small year round with a goal of spending $100 or more in the small business community per month.  So, for your small business shopping needs, I will provide lists of where to shop small, which covers jewelry, beauty, clothing and more. Today we are focusing on jewelry.

Several of these ladies have been featured in our What’s In Your Bag Series: Wendy Brandes, T+J Designs, and Wrist Soiree

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Mad About Plaid

Tasha in Gap shirt, thrift plaid pants, fendi heels & Jazz bloom bracelet.

I recently created a pinterest board called Mad About Plaid and the inspiration for the board came from seeing Pharrell on his wedding day. I might be the only one who loved his and his wife’s looks, ut I loved it because it was true to their style. Tartan and plaid are great things to incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

Once I started pinning, I remembered thrifting some pants form Salvation Army some time ago. At first they were just sitting in my closet with a bunch of other stuff that I have yet to be inspired by, but I just had to wear them now!  The inspiration hit for this outfit and then I saw one of my favorite bloggers did a post about plaid too! It’s catching on!

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Thrifting In Killeen

Thrifting in Killeen, Texas

Hi guys! Brittanie here, writing my first post for the blog. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of thrifting with Tasha, and can I just say…I was pretty excited! We met up in Killeen and ventured around downtown, which is being completely renovated, and then we headed to a few thrift stores.

I lived in Killeen for almost 10 years, but I had no idea about the downtown area–other than that’s where our only Burger King was. When Tasha said we’d be taking photos and thrifting in Killeen, I didn’t think it would be as nostalgic as it was. It was so much fun walking around and seeing all of the old buildings and browsing through the cute mom & pop stores throughout the area. Continue Reading →

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My Fall Must Have List

My Fashion Fall Must Haves

I live in Texas where fall arrives around December, but like almost every woman on earth, I have a fall must-have list. My list doesn’t trail off on some drastic Neiman Marcus excursion–even though that would be really fun—it’s a mix of high and low priced items because that’s how I like to shop. All my friends know I LIVE for Target.

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My Not So Normal Friday

My Not So Normal Friday

Last Friday was the first day working with Britt our ICB brand photographer. We did a product shoot and then we basically ran my errands for the day. Many individuals have said they want more of my life on the blog or just more of the life of my business. However, none of my days are alike, and it’s not so glamorous where I deem it blog worthy.

Brittanie and I are going to try our hardest to integrate more of my business life into the blog. We will also be launching a new series that I am really excited about, so stay tuned. You can check out this behind the scene peek:

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What I Wore

Tasha smiling in wrist soiree, silence + noise shirt and naomi rose jeans

The typical blog post title “What I Wore” is really what you write when you can not think of some witty SEO friendly blog post title. Alas, I find myself at this place. Right now I am in the midst of launching three other websites for clients plus doing other things such as planning a new direction for my companies. So, today I am going to just share what I wore on my not so typical friday last week.

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Consider Me Inspired

Tasha in Vintage Duster & Christian Louboutin's

Why is it so hard for people to utter the words, “Consider Me Inspired?” The phrase literally takes less than five seconds to type or say. When someone copies other people’s work, we are quick to say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” That sentiment is a bucket of lies. People who lack originality and creativity say things like, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” are only masking the fact that they’re just like everyone else–carbon copies. For me, there is inspiration everywhere, so I’ve never understood why people would want to be a carbon copy of another person. However, it’s something that happens daily. We see someone come up with a great idea, and then someone comes along and copies it without giving the original creator credit (or at least changing the original a bit). Continue Reading →

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Giveaway Time

Commander In chic, Urban Expressions, ICB Giveaway

I decided to host a simple giveaway on the site. We are very appreciative of all our readers. Thank you for continuously reading the blog, writing comments and sharing with others. I want to giveaway two great books and clutches to go with one.

Option 1: Commander In Chic plus Urban Expressions clutch. Our Flotus is one fab lady. The book will give you insight into her style plus the clutch will help you channel one of her looks. {above}

Option 2: The Ultralight Startup plus ipad/tablet case. This is great for the business gal who wants to learn more about how another company got its start. Being that you are business chic of course you own a ipad or a tablet.

The Ultralight Startup, ipad case, ICB giveaway

Win The Ultralight Startup + ipad case

The two winners will be selected at random by Rafflecopter. Winners will be announced next Monday on the blog. You must subscribe to the blog and leave a comment to win. Thank you for entering.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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28 Years Later

28 Years Later TashaICB

Today I turn 28 years old. Yes, there are some days that I look like a high school student, but I am actually a full-fledged adult.  I have lived an amazing life. My parents made sure I had the best of the best as a child and as a teenager. Sometimes I didn’t understand why my parents did some of the things they did–dad made me start playing golf at such young age–but now I am grateful. In hindsight, I am thankful for everything they did for me.
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Lessons Learned In June

When I first started writing this month’s review, I truly was at a loss for words. So much has happen in a month’s time. Last month, I wrote that business was an uphill battle. This month, things started flowing with ease again. In May, I knew before the month started that it was going to be a battle, but going into June I knew things would do a 180, which it has been. I experienced so much at the end of May and start of June but it made me stronger. Furthermore, I debated sharing what Lisa and I discussed in our mentor call, but I settled on the fact that her advice should be shared.

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Business Casual Fashion

A few days ago, a friend approached me with a work-related problem. She was frustrated, and told me that her boss said she was not allowed to wear prints (not even polka dots) to work. She works at a semi-professional store that requires their employees to wear only black and white, business casual. They are also required to dress “trendy and fashion forward.” My dear friend told me that prints were in fact trendy and fashionable, but that she didn’t want to get in trouble for questioning her boss. I told her that while she probably couldn’t change the rules, print has actually become extremely versatile, and could be used in many different settings including the professional business world. But wait, there’s more!

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Summer Fashion Trends: Military

1. Camo Jacket (Small) | 2. D&G Shorts  |3. Vintage Lord and Taylor Leather Skirt  | 4. Via Spiga Oxfords |5. Army Camo Pants (Large) | 6. Donna Morgan Leather Dress7. Fatigue Bag | 8.Sandra Darren Dress

Military inspired fashion is a summer trend that will carry well into fall. This popularly re-invented trend has been a favorite of Jean Paul Gaultier, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs for many seasons, but this summer camo prints, olive green, and studded jewelry are the styles hitting everyone’s closets.

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