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April Showers Bring May Flowers…NOT

Tasha in AK blazer, Mickey mouse top, Zara jeans, Steve Madden heels

Miss May, where did you go and what did you do with all 31 days? Also, you owe me some flowers after all those thunderstorms and down pours!

This month flew past me. I was completely focused on the Raleigh trip for the majority of May. I just got back from the trip on Sunday evening, and now I am on the road headed to Dallas to shoot the store’s summer look book. We will be shooting all day tomorrow! Plus, I get to spend time with some friends.

But wait, there’s more!

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Surplus Your Way Out of It

Surplus City Killeen Texas

Last year, Imperfect Concepts became the fashionista safe haven for finding camo. This made me the leader of the #teamcamo movement. (This was all by chance). Guys have been rocking camo pants or shorts for years. Google Jay-z, and you will see HUNDRED of pictures with him wearing them! Recently, camo hit mainstream fashion when several top designers started incorporating it into their fall shows.

Army Surplus Killen Texas

I live in a military town where I have an endless supply of pre loved BDU’s to purchase. Yes, BDU is the correct term for the items I am selling.  In the process of purchasing them, I have become the top buyer at these locally owned stores. What makes it even greater is that I connect with the store owners and their staff. We have lengthy conversations every visit, and it’s a pleasure doing business with them every time. But wait, there’s more!

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How To Shop Vintage

Texas Thrift Killeen Texas

People ask me all the time how I score amazing finds day after day at estate sales, garage sales, thrift or vintage stores. There is no real formula that I personally apply to sorting through racks and barrels of clothing. I score Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Halston or Prada at the fraction of the cost because I am on the hunt. It’s a learning process, and you either love it or you don’t.  Continue Reading →

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Chic Errand Running

Goodwill temple texas

Yesterday, I went thrift shopping with my mom (it’s always fun going with her). When I first started Imperfect Concepts, a majority of my time was spent shopping vintage and thrift. It has since died down because the business has grown and there are other things I must do. Thrift shopping has always been fun for me. My grandma owned a store in Miami, and when I moved to Texas, my dad would take us to the flea market. I am lucky to get paid to shop and score great vintage and designer finds for you.

Tasha at Goodwill

Sunnies: Fendi {old} Necklace: T+ J Designs Shirt: Forever 21 Pants: Michael by Michael Kors via Nordstrom Shoes: Fendi Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch: Michael Kors

Tasha at Goodwill 2

Here is the break down of my outfit that will shock you: my sunnies are 5 years old (I bought them at Saks off The Fifth for $30),  my Fendi sandals I bought at Barney’s sale 3 years ago for $51 (original $300), my Michael Kors gold watch is from a thrift store in Dallas (brand new and it was only $33). Yeah, I’m a power shopper that loves deals. You can have designer items at the fraction of the cost if you learn how to shop!





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Style Me Friday

Tasha Style Me Friday Pink Jeans

My dear friend Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door has this amazing weekly series called Style Me Friday. When she first started the series, we readers sent her looks to recreate, with twist to fit her style. It’s like playing with a life size Barbie! *Lol*  Earlier this year, she invited us readers to join in the fun. This is my first link up. Woohoo!

Tasha Style Me Friday

Blouse: Bellatrix {old from Nordstrom} Scarf: Louis Vuitton, Jeans: Kate Spade {old} Boots: Steve Madden Bag: Louis Vuitton Pochette with Longer Strap

Style Me Friday Pink Jeans

I was really excited to actually participate in this particular Style Me Friday look. Maybe because I love my Kate Spade jeans so much… Make sure you check her blog and look through her old posts.

Style Me Friday Pink Jeans 2

Why does my hair look so thin on the sides? (Uuugggh totally not cool). I have been natural for 8 years this December. It has only been in the last year or so that I have actually embraced my curls. It was actually because of Eboni’s honesty in this post that made me feel better about it. I am 90 days without heat, which is huge for me. I shall see my stylist some time next month for a trim.



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Need. Want. Must Have.

ipad and ipad mini image

Need: Okay, so I never hopped on the iPad train when they first launched. *gasp* I have played with other iPads, but I never purchased one because I have an iPhone. But now since the launch of the Pop Up Shop Tour, it had me thinking that I might not want people’s germy hands touching my personal phone. (Heck no)! So, now I have to decide if I want a mini or an iPad 3. Either way, it’s a tax right off!

Want: OMFG, when I saw this bike on Bike Pretty, my jaw dropped. I immediately wanted it so I could be a cool hipster nerd when I move to my awesome new urban style loft in my ultra cool hip neighborhood. Yes, I am planning another move. I move with ease. It comes from my parents serving 20 years in the Army.

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard bicycle

Must Have: These Givenchy Leather Wedge Knee boots have been calling my name ever since I saw Khloe Kardashian rocking them. No, I do not want the look for less, nor will the look for less just to suffice. Only the Givenchy wedges will do. Now I can hope and pray that they magically end up on my door step, or I can cross my fingers they go on sale and I can at least get them for $1000 dollars. (I consider that a steal by the way). *LOL*

Givenchy Leather Wedge Knee Boots


What are you needing, wanting and must have right now?


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Fun at Ikea

Tasha Ikea Austin

Earlier this week, my best friend Rocquelle met in Austin to hangout (aka: mainly to eat Rat Toes at Razzoo’s). Oh, don’t make that face, it’s really good food! We had two orders of fried stuffed jalapenos with shrimp and crab meat. It was a nice day in Austin. I live 45 minutes away, and I go probably 2-3 times a week to hang with my really cool DJ friend and to source pieces for the store.  Continue Reading →

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$200 Target Spending Challenge

Target logo

Raise your hand if you get caught in the trap of over spending on unnecessary items at Target. I know it’s not just me because I am always tweeting with my friends about how we all get caught up in it. Last week, I was talking to my best friend about shopping at Target, and she made a great suggestion (I will show you more of that later). That conversation made me think: what can you buy for $100 $200 at Target?  Continue Reading →

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February Small Business Support

small business support

I have said it over and over that my goal this year is to lend more support to small businesses. You might be tried of hearing about it, but there might be someone who is just as excited as I am–someone who wants to support more small businesses too. I actually made a “Small Business Buy” List. It helps me keep track of brands and companies that I want to support. Here are some of the businesses I supported this month: Continue Reading →

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