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3 Ways You Can Collaborate With Other Small Business Owners

Learn why and how you can create a win win partnership with other bloggers, influencers and small business owners. | Imperfect Concepts

One of the best things about running a business is connecting with other small business owners, influencers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Over the last several years, I have met some of the most amazing people because I took a leap to launch my business. The last two years, of running my online boutique I was able to collaborate with photographers, graphic designers, studio owners and even bloggers. We were both able to leverage our friendship into a great business coloration with each other. Today, I want to share some simple ways on how to collaborate with other small business owners.  Continue Reading →

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The Basics Of Email Marketing You Need To Understand

4 Insider Tips on how to slay your email marketing campaigns with ease. | Imperfect Concepts

Funny a couple years ago, I was not the greatest at utilizing email marketing to grow my brand awareness. At the infancy stage of my business I couldn’t figure out how to properly utilizing it for my business and simple threw stuff together. Never truly aligning with my brand. First, let me share you don’t need serious graphic design skills to design a newsletter that wows your customers.  Continue Reading →

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Establishing Brand Awareness For Your Small Business On A Budget

3 Tips On How to Establish a great brand on a small budget.

One thing I am very familiar with is working with a small budget to get things done in my business. Even though they say African American women are now the largest growing group of entrepreneurs, the capital that is need to fund a business is usually limited to savings accounts, bootstrapping and family/friend loans compared to our counterparts. One of the main things small business need to leverage when they are on a limited budget is building their brand awareness. This is something in the last two years I have become very focused and strategic about. Continue Reading →

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Leveraging Your Current Customers To Acquire New Customers

Biggest secret to acquiring new customers lies with your existing audience. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging

People ask me all the time what is the biggest secret to my company growing and keeping a loyal customer base. My customers are my biggest secret to winning as a small business owner. No matter the size of the company big or small most are only focused on obtaining new customers not maintaining relationships with their existing customer base. This is the biggest mistake and something I leverage to my advantage.

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The Number One Tip To Creating A Successful Brand

The Number One Tip To Creating A Successful Brand

Everyone wants to know not only how to create a successful brand, but what are the keys to creating a LASTING & SUCCESSFUL brand? We all know the benefits of a successful brand – increased sales and customer loyalty, but creating a brand isn’t easy. However, there is one tip to creating a successful brand that I’m going to share with you and if you do this, you will create a lasting brand.

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How To Pitch Influencers

How To Pitch Influencers

We are getting close to end of our series on working with influencers. It seems this is a subject matter many of you want to read about so you can incorporate it into your business marketing plans. If you are just joining us in the series, make sure to read: Creating Loyal Brand Ambassadors, How To Collaborate with Influencers, and Cultivating Relationships With Influencers so you can have a complete grasp of this subject matter.

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Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

I’ve noticed how many business owners and entrepreneurs are confused about social media marketing. It’s an important tool to your business success and it is vital to understand it completely — as it has the power to influence what others think about you. In this article, I want to help you by defining social media and giving you examples of common mistakes that occur daily. Continue Reading →

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How To Find Your Niche

How To Find Your Niche

When it comes to following our passions in business, there can be a multitude of roads to go down. However, when first starting, it’s imperative to focus on one thing and then allow that passion or niche to lead you to other roads. First, before we discuss how to find your niche – let us define it:

a niche is the subset of the market in which a specific product is focusing. The market niche defines product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, price ranges, production quality and the demographics it will impact.

Have a niche you want to focus on, a particular type of customer, client and more. You have to be selective. We all know we can not please everyone so why try marketing your business to everyone? It will save you time and money to niche down and have a particular target demographic for business.  Continue Reading →

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Difference Between PR, Branding, and Marketing?

Learn the difference between public relations, branding and marking for your small business.

I’ve found that the general public and business owners have been bombarded with the terms, “marketing”, “branding” and “public relations”, but they don’t really know what the terms mean. To add to it, there seems to be a growing number of “experts” giving false information to the public and to their clients, it’s easy to see why people can get confused.

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