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Establish A Healthy Relationship With Your Banker

Every small business is surrounded by a group of great people. Having an amazing banker is key to financial success. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #money #smallbusiness

The other day, I was in my bank doing normal routine stuff and happen to pop my head into Liz’s office. For the last three years of business Liz has been my personal and business banker at Bank of America. Our relationship started off by my former banker being promoted to assistant manager of the branch not leaving her with time to work one on one with clients.  Continue Reading →

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3 Steps To Successfully Crowdfunding Your Small Business

Learn how you can crowdfund your business with less than 25 people. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #advice

Are you needing capital to fund your small business? That is a silly question right, everyone needs capital to fund their business if they want to keep their doors open. If money is not being made than its an expensive hobby. One thing, I hear new business owners talk about all the time is coming up with money to fund their ideas, passions, goals and dreams. Today, I want to share three steps to successfully crowdfunding your small business.

Money seems to be a huge topic for the new and existing business owner. Here are the things you need to know about crowdfunding your business successfully and the right way.  Continue Reading →

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This Year Increase Your Earning Potential

Earn more, save more and live a better life this year. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #earnmore #blogging #money

We are well into 2016 and one thing every small business is grow their business. Increasing your businesses earning potential this year takes a couple things working together. It’s not just some simple “omg I want to make $10,000 a month” but didnt make $10,000 in sales in 2015 magic. Today, want to share some insider information on how I focus on increasing my earnings each year from the previous.  Continue Reading →

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Smart Ways To Invest Your Tax Refund Into Your Small Business

6 ways to grow your small business with your tax refund this year. | Imperfect Concepts #taxrefund #smallbusiness #blogging

I remember a time I use to get super excited I was getting a tax refund. I was fresh out of college with no business of my own and a manager for a clothing store. My best friend and I would go buy Juicy Couture tracksuits and bags. Yes, that was me the girl with the hot pink track suit and shades on but no money actually really in her purse. The horror it all.  Continue Reading →

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Learn How To Save An Additional $3000 In A Year

How to save an additional $3000 in one year without thinking about it. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #money #smallbusiness

Running a business is hard work and making money to support your dreams matters. What matters even more is saving money. I use to be that girl who had no savings. Depending on her dad or siblings to bail her out of a jam. Thats not cool at all at any age over 21. Today, I want to share how I learned how to save additional $3000 a year without even thinking about it. There are a couple ways you can save or earn this money to save.  Continue Reading →

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How To Make $35,000 A Year In Sales

Breaking down how to make a reasonable amount of money when you just started your small business. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #income #blogging

I know every time you log onto social media specifically Pinterest you see are bombard with graphics saying how to make $100,000 a year or some other large sum of money. Honestly, I do not want to just post one article on the subject of how to make that sum of money. Instead, I have decided to do a series on the subject matter. First, I want to share how to make $35,000 a year in sales. Then share how to make $50,000, $75,000 and finally $100,000Continue Reading →

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Entrepreneurship Forced Me To Become Better At Math

3 Ways on how I became better at math because of entrepreneurship. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #blogging

There is a lot of things entrepreneurship has taught me in the almost seven years of running businesses. One of those things I was not expecting at all. Entrepreneurship forced me to become better at math if I really wanted to succeed in life. There was a time I believed in the stereotype that guys with pocket protectors were good at math and I would be destine to be horrible at. Continue Reading →

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Step By Step Guide On How To Attack $30,000 In Student Loan Debt

How to knock out $30,000 in debt within one year with going crazy. | Imperfect Concepts #studentloan #debt #money #management

Around the last week of December I was tweeting with Candice about student loan debt and more. Sharing how that year I had paid off $30,000 worth of debt. Well, thats the same plan this year. Paying off $30,000 worth of student loan debt. The exact amount is $28,667.89 which comprises of 5 separate loans. As mention in this article on tackling debt while a small business owner, I have a amassed a stupid amount of debt before I was even 25 and I am fixing it now. If all goes to plan I will be debt free before 32. Continue Reading →

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How To Establish A Prosperous Outlook At Any Age

Building wealth is important no matter your age, learn how you can change your current circumstances. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #success #smallbusiness #wealth

In the last couple months, I have wrote more and more about my personal finances and being as transparent as possible with you my audience. Honestly, I never sent out to be some type of trailblazer for transparency when it comes to my business. I just decided that I would be an open book mainly so no one could throw my past mistakes in my finance. Owning up to where I was in my past and where I am now as a business owner.  Continue Reading →

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Breaking Down Your Dreams, Goals, & Visions By Numbers

How you can turn your dreams into a full time business. Sharing an elaborate break down of the numbers to help you. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve noticed more people are holding off on their dreams or they’re putting them on the back burner. They will say it’s their dream to bring in $50,000 a year with their business or that they want to be able to pay themselves $2,000 a month. The most commonly used phrase regarding dreams is that “I want to quit my job to pursue my dreams but I can’t afford to do so”.   Continue Reading →

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