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Four Ways To Kick Start Your New Year Off Right

Learn how to change the trajectory of your business in 2017 with these four tips. | Imperfect Concepts

Okay, we are a day into 2017 a fresh Monday morning to get the blood flowing and ready for the next 364 days of greatness. Sidenote isn’t it rather amazing that this year started on a Sunday, maybe I never noticed years prior, but it feels amazing. Well, today I want to share the top four ways to kick start your new year off right for your small business. These four tips are small, but particular tips that you can implement today.

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How To Make 2017 The Best Year Yet For You & Your Business

4 Proven ways to make sure this year is the best year ever for you and your business. | Imperfect Concepts

Okay, people, we are in the home stretch of the year being over. Don’t ask where has the year gone, because we all know where it has gone, laughs. Today, I want to focus on how to make 2017 the best year yet for you and your business. Outlining four things you need to focus on before trying to walk into the new year with “this is my year” mentality but be defeated by February because you didn’t plan accordingly. Continue Reading →

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Netflix & Chill: How Creative Entrepreneur’s Can Decompress

Four shows to binge watch on Netflix to help you decompress from your creative small business. | Imperfect Concepts

The amount of stress a small business owner takes on is high. There is no way I can express how much stress I have in my life from running my business, taking care of myself and my mother. Some people might think, I make it look easy, or my life is easy, but it’s not. I chose to focus on other things in life and not complain. I figure things out on a daily basis and keep it moving. However, when life becomes a little too much for me to handle I just stop. I legit don’t work for 24-48 hours and just decompress. My favorite way to decompress is binge watching Netflix. You know we are all familiar with Netflix and Chill. Learn how you can Netflix and Chil to help you the creative entrepreneur decompress.  Continue Reading →

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Learn How To Further Your Business Goals Even When Your Internet Isn’t Working

5 Ways to further your business goals even when your internet is acting funny. | Imperfect Concepts

So, last month I saw one of my clients while I was at his current place of employment. He mentioned that his internet was down and couldn’t do work. He did not want to per se go somewhere such as Starbucks or cafe to utilize their internet access. He asked me what could he do to further his business when his internet service was down, being the person I am I provide him a list of options. Then I thought this would be a great blog post for when you have spare time and do not know what to do. Continue Reading →

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How To Find The Right Business Coach For Your Small Business

9 tips from a successful business coach sharing how to hire the right business coach for your small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Crazy to think December 24th, 2008 I quit my job with no plans for the future. At the tender age of 23, I knew I couldn’t work for someone else I need to walk on my path. This lead me to launching an online boutique, writing the blog post (here is my first blog post), to writing ebooks, consulting and now launching an online directory for women business owners, called Business Bestie.

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Learn How To Remove The Limits & Increase Your Bold Action

Step by step guide on how I changed my life drastically. Turning into only what I could dream of.

In the last months, there were times I felt like I was going with the flow and not achieving new heights for my business. Just flowing the of the current verse challenging myself. Then in earlier August, I felt a shift to move forward and get out of my comfort zone. After, I did this I invited a couple of my clients to do the same.  In the last month, or so I have watched three of my clients D’Cher of Love Peridot, Naisha of Brownstone Closets and Brittney of Oh Honey Skincare go from busy to productive. Here are the insight and tips I provided them.

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Five Investments I Made This Month To Help Grow Small Business

Learn which of my five investments were great and the one that was a complete bust for my small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Last month, I started a new series on the investment I make with my business. I wanted to show what tools or resources I am utilizing to grow my business. Last month, my big money investment was Grammarly and a couple of other things. This month, there were more changes in the behind the scene stuff that takes time to bring things to fruition and life for my business. Continue Reading →

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Community Matters: Why I Launched Business Bestie

You belong in a community of fearless women business owners supporting each other. | Imperfect Concepts

Finally happy to say that Business Bestie has launched on the world wide web. Starting this company has been years in the making of me wanting to have a movement that supports the local and online community in one place. A couple of years back, I had this thought of “Support Locally Virtually”. It didn’t go anywhere, and I didn’t move much outside of buying the domain name. However, in the last seven years of running a multiple businesses, I realized a couple of things that brought me here. What I realized are the same things other women business owners learn once they start their journey of entrepreneurship. Continue Reading →

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How To Turn Your Goals Into Collective Next Steps

4 tips to help you actually create process and move forward with your goals.

We all have dreams, visions and goals in life to achieve the most amazing things. Wanting to change the world through entrepreneurship, designing amazing website, creating products people love and much more. However, so many times we just sit on those dreams and goals not making the next move. Most times, we make our steps too large. Yes, I said your steps are too large because you’re afraid to take them. It’s important to design collective next steps for your goals so it makes it easier to walk into. You don’t have to leap or jump into your goals, you can simply put one foot in front of the next when they are design right. Continue Reading →

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Five Ways To Stop Being Fake Busy And Become Super Productive

Today is September 28th, 2016 and I have completed my 3o minute morning jog, designed 12 blog graphics, edited one six minute and 23-second Youtube video, designed Youtube thumbnail, created Youtube end card, paid my credit card bills, went to the bank, and wrote four blog post all before 7 pm. Oh yeah, I started my day at 9 am that’s when I went on my jog. You see most people would say omg you got a lot done in a day I could never do that. The thing is yes you can. The issue that arises is most people are fake busy not being productive.  Continue Reading →

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3 Ways To Equip Your Supporters With The Right Tools To Uplift Your Business

Learn more why you need to provide your friends and family with the right information and tools to spread awareness regarding your business.

First, let me point out it took forever to come up with a title I loved that in turned expressed what this article would be about. You see I am over people assuming others have to support your dream because you have it. No one has to support your dream but you. You have to be the driving force behind that idea that turns into a mission others get behind. Some will get behind the cause immediately, others it will take time and then you know the rest will follow. You see early on I realized one thing about equipping my friends and family aka my supporters with the right tools to uplift my business, I need to invite them personally.

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