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7 Old School Books With Great Insight

Amazing classic books for entrepreneurs - Imperfect Concepts

I’m a lover of reading, it’s my current way to escape from the world. There are times I get really sad if I’m unable to make time to read a book. My newest favorite thing to do is to read “classic” books. When I lived in Atlanta a couple of years ago, I didn’t have cable, so I spent my weekends watching classical 80’s movies as well as movies by specific actors. It makes you appreciate everything because you see how things use to be. I learned so much from classic books.

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10 Books That Changed My Life

Sharing ten personal and business books that shaped my life up to this point.

If you have been reading this site long enough or follow me on social media, you know that I am a proud bookworm. Reading almost 60+ books a year. My parents, especially my mom, was big on learning, and my dad was big on education. Hence, my love for reading. Recently on Instagram, someone asked me what my top five or ten book recommendations would be. So I thought it would be great to share it with you all.

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Good Reads For The Creative Business

Good Reads For The Creative Business

If you don’t know by now, reading is my favorite thing to do besides shopping. I can escape into the pages and feel completely immersed in the story. I know within the first couple of pages if I am going to keep reading. When I can actually see the characters in my head its a sign that this is the book for me. Here is my list for 2015 good reads for the creative business owner.

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10 Fall Books To Read Now

10 Fall Books to Read Now

If you have been reading Imperfect Concepts blog long enough you know our addiction to reading books is an understatement. We are constantly searching Instagram feeds for books and then adding our favorites our Amazon Wishlist. After a recent search on our favorite social media platform, we came across several new books to read this fall season.

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Summer Financial Reading List

Summer Financial Reading List

Knowledge is power and having complete control over your finances is a huge form of power. Millions of Americans are living in debt. People are smiling through the pain of $350,000 of debt while trying to keep up with the Joneses. That can be extremely scary when you think about it. I have opened up to my readers several times regarding my student loan debt. I would rather be honest than lie to you all. Continue Reading →

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7 Must Have Books For Entrepreneurs

7 Must Have Books for Entrepreneurs

I will admit, I order books like most women order new pairs of shoes or accessories. I’m constantly seeking new books to dive into and learn from. The perk of this is all of the books are business related so they are tax write offs for my business. This is also to the advantage of my consulting clients whom pay me to stay ahead of the game and share my knowledge with them.

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Start Something That Matters

Book Review: Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

Start Something THAT Matters is so much more than a pair of shoes. It’s an amazingly written book that compels you to act now verses later. I don’t remember who originally told me a “version” of the story of TOMS, but it went something to the point that Blake, the founder, met a boy in Argentina while on vacation– his name was Tom. Yes, he was on vacation in Argentina but the inspiration didn’t come from that. Trust, when you read the book and read the story, it will touch your heart, at least it touched mine.

I personally own too many pairs of the TOMS to count. For Christmas and my birthday, my brother always buys me two pairs from a small boutique in Denton. I have convinced friends to be supporters of TOMS, not just customers–they are advocates of the story and the company.

While reading, Start Something THAT Matters, emotions arose within me just into the first couple pages. I have met Blake several times at appearances in Austin and in Dallas and loved hearing him tell the story. This book reminds me how important it is for small businesses to have a story. Not just have it, but share it-keep sharing it–make it a part of your life, the customer’s life and later, the worlds. This causes a ripple you can’t really create with paid TV ads. As he states in the book, our attention is everywhere, every second of the day. However when a supporter is telling your story to someone else, they are giving your story to another individual that isn’t distracted. They are giving the listener the attention to be captivated by your brand.

In the book, you are guided through a six-step process on creating something that matters. The underlining message is your story, it’s the story invoking the reaction you need to cause a ripple or the tipping point for your business.

There are only a couple of books that I urge people to buy because they’ve moved my soul–Start Something THAT Matters is at the top of that list now. Trust, this book will draw emotions out of you and make you dig deeper so you can “start something that matters.”

Have you read a book that has stirred up your emotions so much that you immediately want to act upon it? Are you familiar with the TOMS story? Have you helped to push the brand?

This post includes affiliate links to Amazon which I will receive a small commission on sales generated by your purchases.

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Our 2014 Reading List

Our 2014 reading list

Almost everyday, we are asked what we are currently reading or what our past favorite books have been. We have really long lists if you ask anyone on staff. All of us are avid readers with an addiction to learning.

We have several Pinterest boards dedicated to books that you can check out (20122013, entrepreneurGreat Books) we recently created our 2014 Reading List pin board full of books for you to read too. Here are the top ones for the new year and an explanation for why they are on our list.

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New Reading Material

New reading material for small business owners

If you know me, you know I love a good book. I am a library card-carrying girl. As of lately, I have been on the hunt for some good reads, but I am very picky about the books I select. I know the feeling of those really good books you get sucked into, and sometimes, I can finish them in a day if I’m not careful. Then there are other books that take me forever to finish. I have to be very careful when devoting my time to a book. Continue Reading →

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Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich

Book Review: Nice Girls Don't Get Rich

Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich has been on my bookshelf for several years. Then, around May the get-your-finances-in-order-bug hit me. This book is a great read, but it is slightly outdated. In college, I used to be a big fan of Suze Orman and her show. Then she started selling prepaid debit cards that are not good. Finance has interested me in the past, but I have not made it my sole priority… and I have finally decided to get my act together. Continue Reading →

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Shh…it’s a secret, SEO!

SEO Secrets Danny Dover

I recently read Danny Dover’s book, SEO Secrets, and it helped me tremendously! I always thought that the SEO world was changing at such a rapid rate, and that nobody really knew “exactly” the science behind SEO ranking. However, since reading this book, I have realized that there is a formula, and a step by step process to making your business’ website better, more popular and more relevant online. Plus, Danny Dover gives links, lists, and insider tips in little side notes all throughout the book, and I love the organized, easy-to-read layout. As an added plus, this book will look great on your bookshelf or coffee table because of it’s blue smoky and industrial graphic design (which I learned later is one of the ways he markets–visual appeal). Here are some things that I thought I would share from this book, that helped me tremendously, and hopefully will help you too! But wait, there’s more!

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