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Change Is Gonna Come

How to handle change in life

Every time I find myself freaking out, I listen to the Ottis Redding song, “A Change is Gonna Come.” In this huge time of change–graduating, applying for graduate school, thinking about next semester and Imperfect Concepts–I find myself unsettled by all of the “stuff.” I’m happy to be out of college, as most kids are, but I am deeply sad about what’s to come next. I don’t know if I will find the same kinds of people who want to talk to me about semi-colons, linguistics or poetry in the big world outside academia. I’m scared I won’t have a support system of students, faculty and awesome professors to help me out all the time. Point Park University has become a family to me, and I am afraid of being on my own. If there is anyone out there feeling the stress of graduating too, read on.
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Graduation Motivation

Graduation Motivation

I am trying to refrain from doing one of those melo-dramatic Full House-esque divaish things where I punch all the keys at once and leave you reading gibberish. I’m that anxious about graduating. I know. I know. All this time I’ve been saying how prepared I was for graduating, how well I manage my time, how on top of things I am. But, I can’t do it all. I think I’ve come to realize that these last few months. It’s really impossible for someone just getting out of college to feel like they have it all together. I might not get into graduate school. I might not be able to quit my day job. I might have to move back in with my parents and start paying back student loans. I just don’t know at this point. Everything is up in the air, and I’m going to show you some research and statistics to hopefully help everyone de-stress!
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How to Publish

How To Publish

As I wrote in my last post I Taught a College Class!, I taught a class full of screenwriters how to get internships, freelance and become bloggers. However, another one of their questions was about how I recently got a poem published in [PANK] Magazine. I was published in their online magazine at the beginning of October for my poem, “Elegy Above the Oyster House.” I was very excited, and I think getting published is a great thing to add to a resume or to a grad school application. Especially for writers who want to market themselves as freelancers, it’s a leg up to be a published writer. I don’t think there is EVER a guarantee that you will get your work published, but I can at least tell you how I did it.

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I Taught a College Class!

I Taught A Class

There is an amazing customer that comes into my day job named Elise D’hane. Professor D, as her students call her, has helped me tremendously the past year, and one of the most amazing things she has done for me is asking me to teach her class of screenwriting students. She wanted me to talk about the work I do at ICB, and to help motivate these creative writers to sustain themselves while in college and after. I want to tell you guys how it went–such a great experience!
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You’ve Graduated, What Now?

The next steps after graduating college

I am graduating in December, as are most of my friends. As much as it pains me to think about graduating in the dead of Pittsburgh’s winter, I still am really excited to start the life that I’ve always wanted. It’s a difficult process for me to think about because I have so many options when I graduate. I could get a corporate office job editing or copywriting. I could write freelance. I could go to graduate school (and am in the process of applying for Fall 2014). I could take a year to myself and have a service industry job. I could travel (if I had the money). All of these options are open to all graduates, but what is the best one? Here are some steps for what to do after you graduate:

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College: 4 Yearly Goals

Creating 4 year plans for your college duration

College: 4 Year goals via BlogICBWe’ve all been there: it’s your senior year of college and you’re terrified that you’re not going to get a job when you graduate. You wake yourself up at night thinking about moving back in with your parents or working at the local diner. It’s a vicious world out there, but don’t fall into the habitual notion that the business world is out to get you. You can make yourself a valuable asset while you’re in school, and it has NOTHING to do with what classes you take, how well you do, or which program you’re in. Here are some useful tips I have learned along the way, and if you have some of your own, I would love to hear them!

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How to Request Reference Letters

How to request a reference letter when in college.

How to Request Reference Letters:

Here is an easy step-by-step process for writing letter of recommendation requests:

Step 1:

Personalize the greeting. Use something like, “Dear,” and then add the appropriate job title. Make sure you do not use the wrong title. For instance if you say Ms. instead of Dr. that is disrespectful of all the hard work they went through to get that title. Never use “To Whom it May Concern,” that phrase makes you sound impersonal, cold and it makes them less likely to take the time out of their day to help you.

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Don’t Fear the Personal Statement

Dont fear the personal statement

Getting work as a writer, or getting into graduate school requires one major (and daunting) document: the personal statement. As I go down that rabbit hole as well, as I apply for graduate school this fall, I too am terrified of explaining myself in a way that is eloquent and intelligent. Pitching your company is very similar to this feeling, as I have helped write a few pitches, now that I am a copywriter. As a business owner, you are supposed to characterize your brand completely and thoroughly in just a short email or telephone conversation, and often, you are too emotionally attached to give an intellectual delivery. It’s hard not to feel so emotionally tied to either your writing or your company because, let’s face it, it’s kind of your life’s work.

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Creatives, Get to Work!

how creatives can get more work

As I’ve stated in prior posts, I am a creative writing major with a focus in poetry. You may be asking yourself why a creative would want to work as a copywriting intern for a small business. I have debated this question many times with my friends and colleagues. I always go back to the response I get when I tell people my major: “you’re never going to get a job with that,” or “that’s a dying art,” or “what were you thinking? Why didn’t you major in business?” But wait, there’s more!

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Intern with Imperfect Concepts

Are you looking to get a better understanding of the fashion industry, plus a small glimpse into what it’s like to work for a fashion-tech start up? Well, you’re in luck. We are now accepting summer 2013 and Fall 2013 applications. You can apply via Internships.com Please fill out all information on the site. The perk of this internship is that you do not have to live in the same city as Imperfect Concepts HQ. Virtual interns are always great! If you have any questions about the internship, direct your email to interns@imperfectconcepts.com. This internship is non-paid, but we do work with colleges to help fulfill college credit hours. I look forward to seeing your applications plus talking to you very soon!

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