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Random Musing: March

Sharing the good, bad and ugly of being a small business owner.

I have never been, one of those people who say “oh where has the month gone”. However, the month of March seemed to go by super fast. This month there were a plethora of meetings, lots of traveling, and events on my to-do-list. For the most part, I am beyond thankful for this amazing month and all the lessons I learned, friendships I made, and much more.

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Random Musing: February

Sharing insight on running a small business as a creative women entrepreneur

This has been a great month for my business and my personal life. So many Aha! moments have happened. One of my favorite quotes that I have been sharing as of lately is the Steve Jobs one on connecting dots. You really do not know where or what your future holds. Every day is different but if you live long enough you can connect your past dots to your future ones. It’s crazy and at the same time a brilliant thing to experience.

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Random Musing: January

Random Musing January

Last year was an amazing year for Imperfect Concepts. As many of you know, I am a full-time business consultant for my company, ICB Consults. It’s super fun working with amazing women one on one building their dreams, as well as, I love creating digital products. However, in 2014 I wrestled with the direction in which this site was going to go. No, this isn’t a farewell blog post. Far from that. I wanted the site to grow into this huge platform like Mashable or something of that nature. I thought that was the direction I needed to go, to be successful in the content creation realm. So I removed “me” from the blog per say. Sought out contributors, but that didn’t work. Continue Reading →

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Medium: Everyone’s Stories and Ideas

Medium Everyones Stories and Ideas

My new obsession is Medium. Have you heard of it? It was founded by Ev Williams and Biz Stone the names might sound very familiar from the fact they are creators of Blogger, Twitter, Jelly and some other great other ventures. This platform has been around for roughly two years. So, I am not an earlier adopter, but I do love that my user name is my first name versus some long variation. Still praying for the day I can have my name as my twitter handle (laughs). Continue Reading →

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Celebrating 5 Years In Business

Celebrating five Years In Business

Can you believe it? Imperfect Concepts has been in business for 5 years! It is mind blowing to me and I own the company. My company all started when I decided to quit my job as a manager and just do what I love. This hasn’t been all glitter and rainbows; it has taught me a plethora of lessons. I thought it would be great to share some helpful tips from my journey. Continue Reading →

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Power of 10 Referrals

Power of 10 Referrals

Word of mouth is king, when it comes to promoting and growing your small business to new heights. When I launched my first business I used word of mouth as the primary way to propel my business. I called it the Power of 10 Referrals. I didn’t just want my friends and family to know I was launching an online women’s resale boutique. I wanted their friends and family to know too. Here is how you can use the power of 10 referrals to grow your small business. Continue Reading →

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Summer School For Small Business

Summer School For Small Business Owners

It never hurts to avoid some of the trials and tribulations of owning a small business, now it’s even easier with online tools and resources. TV Shows and movies really make you believe that being a small business or entrepreneur is easy and that customers will just coming running to you. However in real life, it is nothing like that and you are always learning.

Summer school for small business is now in session!

As entrepreneurs or a small business, you are constantly learning things regarding your day to day business activities. Things like – shipping, invoices or social media all on through how to scale your company website back end design. One thing I am adamant about is learning and education. Continue Reading →

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Creating Social Capital For Business

Creating Social Capital For Business

Creating social capital for business is something I wouldn’t say that I am new to, but the wording was just never presented to me this way until hearing Kevin Kyom of Tech Ranch Austin speak last year. Kevin is a brilliant man that’s pushing the notion of being a part of an ecosystem community, bootstrapping and being passionate about what you’re pursuing in life. You can say we hit it off because of having many things in common when it comes to the entrepreneurial community.

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Back To Basics

Tasha in Target Crewneck Sweatshirt, Zara Jeans, Kahsha Sneaker Wedges. #boxbraids #bizblogger #smallbiz #killeen

Tasha in Target Crewneck Sweatshirt, Zara Jeans, Kahsha Sneaker Wedges. #boxbraids #bizblogger #smallbiz #killeenWe are 6 days in to 2014 and I am very excited for everything that is on our agenda this year. One thing I want to do for the creative women small business owners is to establish focus on the basics for the next couple of weeks. Many times, we skip the basics and just go full steam ahead only to meet road blocks, obstacles and more. We don’t know how to tackle the simple “mundane” things because we did not take the time to learn them. ICB is here to the rescue.

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Commitments in 2014

Tasha downtown Killeen, Texas

In my post yesterday, I shared a glimpse into my thought process for 2014. Now, I  want to go just a bit deeper. In the last 10 months, my life has shifted, and late into the year I have begun to understand what the shift actually meant.

My journey is going further than I ever thought it would. I am making commitments to myself. (The word commitment means much more than “resolution” or “goal”). Continue Reading →

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