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Trademark For Your Small Business

Law Contributor Brandi Howard

Do you suggest I trademark my company name? Also, is trademarking something I can do or do I need to hire a lawyer?

 Filing for a trademark is a relatively inexpensive process.  If your company name or a product name is unique it is something you may want to do.  From the viewpoint of an attorney, risk-averse and looking to maximize protections, a safeguard like a trademark always sounds like a great idea if you have the budget for it.  The process can take some time, in some cases a year or more, and requires the “mark” your company name or logo being published in a federal publication with a period of time for anyone to oppose the mark before it finally becomes yours.  There are certain requirements, such as using the mark in the “stream of commerce”—basically being an active business within a certain time of applying for the mark.  There is a lot of information on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) website (www.uspto.gov) and you can even apply online.  Some states also allow you to register a trademark within the state as well. Continue Reading →

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