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Shipping Tips For Small Business

Shipping Tips For Small Business

Understanding shipping for your small business has gotten easier since I started. A plethora of companies such as: FedEx, USPS, and UPS offer flat rate shipping. A couple of years back when I started my business they didn’t. Thank goodness for the advancement of technology. However, when starting out it can still be somewhat difficult grasping exactly what you should using, the cost, and much more.  Continue Reading →

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How To Make Time For Your Business

How To Make Time For Your Business #imperfectconcepts

How many times have you stated, “I don’t have enough time to run my business?” or “The days are blurring together and I’m not getting anything done”. This is a reoccurrence with small business owners who first launch their companies. Time management is huge when launching, especially, if you are still working a 9 to 5, have a family, and a million other priorities that are vying for your attention. Continue Reading →

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Tools To Establish A Schedule For Success

Tools To Establish A Schedule For Success

Time management is the down fall of so many people especially small business owners and freelancers. It’s important to have a schedule or system in place that helps revolutionize how you manage your time. We mentioned before in, 5 Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Business, Google Calendar is one of the tools I personally use for editorial calendars, meetings, coffee dates and consultation information. Then I have a Super Paper LA desk calendar.  Continue Reading →

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3 Reason Why Your Business is Failing

3 Reasons why your small business is failing

One of the main things my clients and social media followers discuss is how they feel their businesses are failing. They have tried a million in one things, but they cant seem to stay afloat in their business. It should also be noted that it often takes a business at least a couple years to actually break even, you do not magically become an overnight success with millions coming in. Remember this as you are going along this entrepreneurial journey.

Some people do not give their dream businesses that long before deeming it a failure and moving on to the next big thing. Let’s work on three things that are preventing you from actually succeeding in the creative entrepreneur world.

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Loosening the Reigns

How to let go and allow others to help your business

Loosening the reigns on your business is extremely difficult. When you’re a company owner, it’s easy to micro-manage everything and think that there is no way that you will find someone who can do your tasks for you. It’s hard enough finding an intern you can trust, not to mention having to collaborate and work with them on projects and building a relationship with them. When it comes time to ask for help, it is challenging to view anyone as someone you can lean on. However, there is a way to let go of your business, and there is a way to get rid of the nerves that come with letting go.

But wait, there’s more!

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Tools of The Trade

Amazing cost friendly tools and equipments you can buy now for your small business

As a small business owner, there are several items I need to run my business besides my Macbook and iPhone. (Technically, my business could run off of my iPhone alone. Technology is love.) I recently had a “wake up call conversation” on Instagram, and several members of my IG family pointed out they did not have knowledge of certain equipment needed to run a business. So, I want to share with my blog family what those are as well. Here are some of the tools of the trade that I need to run Imperfect Concepts, Blog ICB and ICB Consults:

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6 In Operation/ Startup Life

Etsy Search Ads

One Etsy seller thoughts on "etsy search ad" program

Etsy search ads simply don’t work. There is no need to sugar coat it, or say something nice about how Etsy “can bring you more customers or views with their ads” (or so they lead you to believe).

A while back, I mentioned how I took the leap into the Etsy world. Completely paralyzed by fear, it took forever to do. I saw traction on my store page, received sales, received “likes,” and people were “favoriting” items. Hey, I was on the road to etsy success, or so I thought. But wait, there’s more!

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School’s Back In Session

Texas Style Conference 2013 in Austin Texas

Education on any level is very important to me. As individuals, we should always be striving to be a better version of ourselves. Some people have horror stories about school–in all it’s formality, structure and rigidity. However, I am thankful for two teachers and one college professor in my life because they helped me become the savvy-business-nerd that I am today. Now it’s your turn to find a mentor that will inspire you like they inspired me.

Texas Style Council is providing you an opportunity to grow your business and blogs. TXSC begins in August and is a three day conference that provides a place to network, create and learn. Earlier this year I meet Indiana during SxSW, and we discussed the opportunity for me to become a teacher during the conference this year. When she emailed a while ago to confirm if I was still interested, I jumped at the chance. Not only is it a great opportunity for ICB but it’s one of my goals to teach more women how to sustain and build their own successful business. This is alignment at it’s finest.

This year’s keynote speakers are Elise & Emma of A Beautiful Mess: a blog dedicated to creating a beautiful life filled with the gift of inspiration. There are also a slew of other great speakers for Saturday’s  events. I am personally excited to hear Kendi of Kendi Everyday, Camille of Camille Styles and sit in Kevin of Iron to Iron workshop.  My workshop will solely focus on how to Kick Start Your Ecommerce presence.

You can register now here. Please follow @txsc for more updates on sponsors and activities.

1 In Operation/ Startup Life

The Wonderful World of Etsy

Sky Blue Wristlet Clutch HMONG Embroidered Bag Hippie Boho Handmade Thailand

Etsy has become a slight obsession of mine. I spend countless hours on their window shopping and buying things from small business owners. You can virtually buy anything you need on Etsy. Etsy just announced partnership with Nordstrom to go along with the Etsy Wholesale divison (Awesome!). I love that small business owners are getting the chance to grow their business more while continuing to reach a bigger audience. Some Etsy business owners are also in West Elm, which goes to show that dreams do come true. Woohooo!!! Today I wanted to showcase some of my favorite vendors from the site with you:

Thai Handbag Sky Blue Wristlet Clutch HMONG Embroidered Bag Continue Reading →

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