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Eight Business Ideas You Can Launch Today

These are not the normal business ideas you read about. Here are some niche ideas to help you launch a biz today. | Imperfect Concepts

The saying goes that ideas are a dime a dozen, what truly matters is the execution of those said ideas. However, I beg to differ with that notion for the fact I met people constantly who are struggling to determine what type of business they want to launch. They know for fact they want to run to launch their own company and change the climate of the small business industry. Personally, I can sit down with someone and listen to them talk non stop and formulate a list of business ideas and action steps. So, if you’re looking for a side hustle or an actual business concept today’s post is dedicate to you.  Continue Reading →

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6 Tech Toys The Savvy Small Business Owner Needs

Every tech gadget you need a small business owner. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbiz #blogging #techtoys

As a small business owners, you know that our world is rapidly growing and moving towards a more tech experience in all levels. When I first started my business Twitter was 3 years old and the people I followed were still trying to figure it out. I am very lucky that I am able to run my business from anywhere in the world. Today, I want to share some tech toy options for the savvy business owner.  Continue Reading →

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Your Customer’s Loyalty is Earned Not Given

Sharing three thoughts on how to win your customers loyalty in an overcrowded market. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbiz #blogging

There is huge misconception that because you have an audience for your business that they will be loyal to your business and your business only. Truth be told it is very rare to find a customer who is ONLY loyal to your business in your specific niche. For example, I write a business content based blog, consultant business owners and curate paid products for them. However, I would be naive to believe that I am the only source of information for my audience. Especially since I know that I am not everyone’s cup of tea.  Continue Reading →

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Preparing Your Small Business For Holiday Season 2016

As of today, we are under the 200 day count down for Christmas 2016.  I truly want you as business owners to succeed. That means establishing a plan now verses later. Which a plethora of small business owners do. They wait until November 1st to think about holiday season. You need to be creating plans now, getting imagery ready and more. Let me break it down for you. Continue Reading →

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How To Attract Customers When Your Small Business Is Locally Based

6 Tips on how to attract the right customers with your online business in your local community. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbiz #blogging

For the last four years, I have lived in my small town that I grew up in. At first, I resented living here truly not understanding how I could truly thrive in a town where everyone wanted to do MLM (Multi Level Marketing), think ItWorks, Herblife, Mary Kay and ACN verse building their own companies. Then I really started focusing on excelling at what I do verse the size of town I live in. No matter if you live in a small town or a large one these six points can help you grow your business locally.  Continue Reading →

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So You Launched Your Business…Now What Happens?

8 Things you need to be doing weekly now that your business is up and off the ground.

Launching a business brings a true mixture of emotions, that arise in you once you are in the final lap of getting everything off the ground. Especially the day before you launch your company, you tend to get into your feelings. Then after you land that first sale and see everything is right, you think I have launched my business now what happens. Well, you know have a legit business especially if you followed the insight in Kick Start Your eCommerce and Launch Week ebooks.  Continue Reading →

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Free To Low-cost Ways To Do Market Research For Your Business

Market research can be expensive. Sharing several ways to do it for free or lower cost.

One mistake most future business owners make is not doing enough market research regarding their industry. They just take the leap into running a business and hit several wall after wall with their business. Doing market research regarding your industry and customer base is not as expensive as you may think. Today, I am sharing effective way you  can do free to low-cost ways to conduct market research for your small business.  Continue Reading →

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Connecting With Your Local Community To Scale Your Business

Get out in your local community if you really want to grow your business.

Social media is forever changing and there is no sure fire way to know that the platforms we love will be here a year or five years from now. Heck, I remember when I first joined Twitter as an early adopter it was totally different than it was today. My first user name was email account before the gmail part, then I changed to TeeBaby and now to the present name of TashaICB. One thing we do now is your local community is forever growing and you needed to be apart of it.  Continue Reading →

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Learn How To Launch Your Own Business This Year

Step by step guide onto how to launch your business this year.

Millions of women are wanting to launch businesses this year. Seven years ago, launching an online business was a greater task than most people might assume. I always share with people high end designers were not even using their own websites. One serious issues that women are running into when launching however, is the actual plan. As I consult an average of 15 women of a month with ICB Consults, I notice most are just taking huge leaps with no actually thought out plan on how to achieve everything. This is the very dangerous part because you become really overwhelmed very quickly.  Continue Reading →

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Power In One Hour – Focusing On Your Dreams Once A Day

How to actually get shit done when it comes to your small business. | Imperfect Concepts

For the last couple months, I have been talking about Power In One Hour on social media and how it can really change your business life. There was not a day in my life prior to doing this that I did not feel like my plate was pilled on with projects and I was treading water trying to get everything accomplished. Utilizing day designation, batch system and theme week really do help me knock things out, but there are still moments things would fill like it creating a pile and nothing was happening. Continue Reading →

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