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A Guide To Selecting The Right Shopping Cart For Your Website

Learn what your future shopping cart needs in order for you to run a successful business. | Imperfect Concepts #shoppingcart #smallbusiness #blogging #ecommerce

When I first launched as a resale boutique I knew not a thing about running an online business. I basically winged it, something I would not advice anyone to do actually. There are too many resources out there to help guide individuals through the process of launching a business. In recent years, I have become very aware of small business from understanding and being well-versed in the terms of startup tech to terms used in the ecommerce spaceContinue Reading →

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A Guide On How To Create A Newsletter Template In MailChimp

Today, I want to talk to you about my favorite thing in the whole world after buying shoes. That is email marketing, specifically doing it on Mailchimp. When I first started my business I was using another email marketing provider that got bought out. They were great when they were a small team but all things changed. So, I jumped shipping and swam over to Mailchimp.  Continue Reading →

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How To Plan A Holiday Trunk Show

Planning a holiday trunk show that makes your customers feel like VIP's. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #womeninbusiness #holiday #trunkshow

A few of my favorite things to do during the holidays outside of going to see the lights displayed on homes and going to the ballet, are shopping trunk shows, farmer’s markets, and local businesses. If you own an online store, this is the perfect time to actually get in front of your customer base. Interact with them so they can put a face to the company.  Continue Reading →

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7 Key Elements To Include In Your Business Contracts

Sharing seven key elements that need to be included in your business contracts. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #legal #consulting #blog

Since launching my business almost seven years ago, two major things I’ve learned are to get everything in writing and to make sure contracts get signed before money is exchanged. During this time I have had several regrets come from no contracts and from me losing thousands of dollars when hiring someone or when someone was hiring me. However, now, I don’t work with clients until a contract or retainer agreement is signed and payment is paid in full.  Continue Reading →

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Utilize Multiple Sales Channels To Sell Your Merchandise

Why using three or more platforms as sales channels can benefit your company's bottom line and much more. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #sales #business

Looking back, most of the stuff I know today, I didn’t know seven years ago when I was launching. Most of it wasn’t even learned from a book. Learning as I go has helped me grow my business tremendously. Running a successful brand no one really knows about is kinda funny, too. The reason my business has grown with the help of my loyal following is because of how I diversified my sales channels for my merchandise. Continue Reading →

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How To Choose The Right Name For Your Business Like A Boss

4 Steps on how you can select the perfect name for your business like a boss. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness

Launching a business can be super stressful for anyone. One of the things I see many people struggle with is their company name, rightfully so. Someone is going to connect with your name, share your name with others, use your name etc.,. You want the right one, to spark the right emotion. Today, I’m going to show you how to choose the right name for your business like a boss.  Continue Reading →

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5 Shipping Options For Small Business

Understanding the different shipping options your small business has. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness #blogging

Its almost 2015 holiday season which means several things but one of the biggest is shipping. Handling your shipping needs year round is super important not just holiday season. So many times we don’t put much thought into shipping our clients or customers packages. In addition to the programs that we use to do this. It is important to be informed business owner and select the right choice to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Continue Reading →

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How To Utilize Holiday Weekends To Fuel Your Business

Learn how to use holiday weekends to push your business to new heights. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness

The other day I was having dinner with my friend Kristen and her family. She mentioned that this upcoming Monday is a holiday. Honestly, I don’t know any holidays outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone knows those two. As a small business owner my days, weeks, and months blend together. This might be the case for you, too. Despite that, this is the perfect weekend to capitalize on a long weekend, to fuel your business this holiday season.  Continue Reading →

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Why Affiliate Programs Breed Greed Instead Of Boosting Loyalty

Affiliate programs are fostering greed verse helping others find things they really need. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur #affiliateprograms

The online learning industry is expected to do well over $100 billion dollars this year. Yes, $100 billion dollars will be made in the digital world; if you’re a content creator all you need is to take a small piece of the pie to succeed. However, today I want to talk to you about the greed that is specifically happening in the realm of content creators.  Continue Reading →

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7 Ways To Tackle Your Inbox This Weekend

Purging, Sorting, Pausing are just some of the ways to tackle your business inbox. | Imperfect Concepts #Email #Inbox

I love utilizing the weekend to do task that will help make my business run smoother. Learn how to tackle your inbox this very weekend. I have discussed some of these things before, but this is something people constantly struggle with. Here’s how 2 hours this weekend can revitalize your inbox and change how you feel when that notification goes off from a new incoming email. Continue Reading →

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Creating Canned Email Responses Utilizing Your FAQ

Learn how to take your most emailed questions and turn them into canned responses that save your business time. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #CannedEmails

As a small business owner, you are juggling a million things at once. One of the things that seems to pile up and causes the most stress is, the never-ending emails coming in from current clients/customers or future ones. One of the best things I did for Imperfect Concepts and ICB Consults was create canned emails. This has cut down on a lot of stress and emailing back and forth.  Continue Reading →

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