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Small Business Resources For Women: Dallas

Small Resources For Women Dallas #imperfectconcepts

Starting your own small business can stir up a bundle of emotions. Lost on where to start, who to connect with, are you doing it right…so many questions are going through your head. When you are launching or running a business one crucial factor is finding the right resources. This series is here to help women across the US find small business resources in their respective cities. Continue Reading →

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19 Startup Tech Terms You Need To Know

On a scale of 1 to 10, how familiar are you with what a Venture Capitalist actually does? No, I am not talking about Shark Tank because to be completely honest most of those deals made on the show don’t actually happen and some are staged. Sorry to bust your bubble. To be honest, I had very limited knowledge of all this stuff. I mean I understood the dot com bubble that busted in the 90’s but tech industry has grown so much since then.

Did you know that Nasty Gal is considered a fashion tech company. Most companies collect data. Yes, your information you freely give to them is data that they store and use. Some companies sale your data. Time to break down the newbies guide to tech terms that will help you in so many ways.

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Small Business Resources For Women: Detroit

Small Business Resources For Women Detroit

Detroit is constantly in the news as a city that is going through its own personal depression and economic down turn. However, I believe they are a city on the verge of having its best years yet. They went through some scandal but they have a young group of individuals focused on pushing through the odds and making it a thriving city once again. Instead of bringing back the days of booming factories it will be booming with small business fronts taking over the streets.
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Small Business Resources For Women: Atlanta

mall Business Resources For Women Atlanta

The number of online resources for small businesses are in the millions, but qualifying them to make sure they are the right tools for your business can feel like a tremendous amount of work. So I decided to create a new series for women entrepreneurs, small business and startups, targeting various cities across the country. By polling the women who follow ICB Consults on Instagram, we came up with several cities that our core audience lives in. We will break down resources in Atlanta, Detroit, DC, Dallas, Memphis and a couple more cities.

Note some of the resources will be the same in some cities. When I first launched my business I however overlooked the importance of some of these resources especially becoming members of women focused groups. Today we will start with Atlanta.  Continue Reading →

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5 Ways To Increase Sales in 90 Days

5 Ways To Increase Sales in 90 Days

Revenue, sales, bottom line…that’s all that small business owners can think of. It can be very frustrating at times to see others making money, their social media presences growing and succeeding. It makes you second guess whether you entered the right market, is your product right, can you really succeed amongst the top dogs. You can! Here are five ways to increase your sales within the next 90 days, if done consistently.

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Printing Options For Small Businesses

Printing Options For Small Businesses

In the Branding For Success eBook, I touched a little on the importance of printing options for small businesses. Most people don’t think about all the things you will need when tying the brand together as a finished package. Which is truly understandable. There are so many elements to business that are not in books. I am here to help you learn about the unwritten rules and guide you throughout your process of launching your own business.

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5 Local Resources For Business

Local Resources For Business

Now more so than ever, people have been putting a tremendous amount of emphasis on how the best way to grow your business is by advertising online to a global market. Scaling your business is amazing for when your company gets there, however growing your business locally is even better. There is a high magnitude of local resources for the small business owners if they learn to focus on their local demographic first.  Continue Reading →

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Guidelines to Subscription Email Marketing

Guidelines To Subscription Email Marketing

Are you surprised at the number of subscription email marketing newsletters in your inbox? You’re probably not  because as we discussed last month, email marketing is a really great tool for your small business. I advise you to start doing this to grow your business. However, we will discuss the wrong ways to grow your business that could make future customers or clients upset.  Continue Reading →

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Online Resources For Women Business Owners

Online Resources For Women Business Owners

We are all about women empowerment at our office. Who else is going to be our biggest cheerleaders when it comes to taking over new and old industries? It is important to be a part of a community and have connections with others. When I first started in business, I knew of five sources for business: SBA, Inc, Entrepreneur, Public Library and Forbes. That is about it. Those are the things I relied on to help form and shape my business. I wanted to give you several cool online resources for women business owners to help empower you on your journey.  Continue Reading →

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5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Business

5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Business

You have gone through the emotions and even made pro’s and con’s lists about your dream business. Now you are ready to launch your business but you are lost on how to actually do that. In Kick Start Your e-commerce Consultation I walk clients through a 5 week course on how to launch their business, including: site design, branding, payment gateways and much more. Continue Reading →

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Email Marketing For Your Small Business

Email Marketing For Your Small Busines

As a business owner you’ve probably heard that you’ll need to email customers opt-in newsletters, or that email marketing is the new wave and you need to get on it. Several big brands even have commercials stating why you need this for your business.

I will be completely honest, I am not the biggest pusher of newsletters or email marketing. If you read the site, you know I am big fan of growing your company local and word of mouth. However, when newsletters are done right, your company will get a nice return on the investment.  Continue Reading →

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