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The Perks Of Utilizing Two Platforms To Connect With Your Customers

Using two different website platforms will help you bring in new customers. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #advice

The other day I was talking to a friend who is about to launch her lifestyle accessories company, Love Peridot. We were chatting about just doing what you love in business and respecting your customers. You don’t have to do gimmicks and all this other stuff. You just need to do you and run your own races. As we were chatting an order from Etsy popped up on my phone. See, as a creative entrepreneur who fuels her income off of consulting, workshops, and digital products there are perks of utilizing two platforms to connect with customers on such as a main site and Etsy. Continue Reading →

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Best Plugins For Selling Digital Products On WordPress

Five of my favorite plugins for selling digital products on wordpress. | Imperfect Concepts #Wordpress #plugins #websitedesign #smallbusiness

If you have joined the thousands selling digital products online you are constantly looking for ways to improve your customers purchasing experience and making it easier for your business. Most people assume once you upload your product online that your done and the passive income will roll in. Nope, sorry there is some more work that you need to do and today I want to share several plugins for selling digital products on WordPress.

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8 Online Deal Sites That Can Boost Business

Leverage online deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Fancy and more to grow your business.

Customer acquisition can be extremely hard for the new business owner. Even existing business owners struggle with keeping their customers or clients coming back for more. They don’t know where to start, how to market, or who is their ideal market is. It can be extremely daunting. However, in the last year of sitting in countless webinars hosted by business owners, I noticed a recurring theme. They used a deal site that brought them continuous business.

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BigCommerce, Squarespace & WordPress Which Platform Is Best For Your Small Business

Over the past few months, I have seen countless debates on which platform is the best for small business owners. There are numerous of online eCommerce platforms to choose from, and many more that are launching daily. They are not created equally. Sometimes small businesses invest an endless amount of hours plus thousands of dollars into a website, only to outgrow it in a matter of months.

My first online business started on Bigcartel; I outgrew it within a couple of months. I then moved to Buy It Sell It, but after I switched to them, they were acquired by Highwire. Eventually, a point came when I was ready to jump ship to either Magento, Bigcommerce, or WordPress. I opted to stay where I was because I wanted to have a smooth transition going into consulting. ICB Consults started on Wix mainly because I needed my site to go up immediately. Following that, I used Squarespace for a year, and now my website is on WordPress (self-hosted). So, you can say I know a thing or two about outgrowing platforms.

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Learn How To Code This Weekend

Learn the basics of coding this weekend using these tools, resources and online platforms.

Learning how to code has become the newest hot trend. This is something I can completely get behind. Personally, I was not raised with a focus in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, but I have always since I was a kid loved technology. No, I wasn’t the girl learning how to build processors in her bedroom even though I wish I had.

Til this day I remember helping my dad, neighbors ,and a couple of family friends order Apple and Dell products over the phone. Yes, kinda dated with that. Our first computer I actually order from a Dell catalog.  Continue Reading →

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5 Amazing Podcast For The Entrepreneur

5 Amazing Podcast For The Entrepreneur #imperfectconcepts

If you asked me a year ago the best podcast for entrepreneurs to listen to I would give you a blank stare. That’s how much I avoided and didn’t acknowledge the podcast community. Mainly, because I can do several things at once but I cannot listen in and multitask. If you know what I mean. I need to pay attention to all the details and take notes, if necessary. Well, with all these podcast you are going to want to pause what you are doing and just listen.

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Online Resources For Women Business Owners

Online Resources For Women Business Owners

We are all about women empowerment at our office. Who else is going to be our biggest cheerleaders when it comes to taking over new and old industries? It is important to be a part of a community and have connections with others. When I first started in business, I knew of five sources for business: SBA, Inc, Entrepreneur, Public Library and Forbes. That is about it. Those are the things I relied on to help form and shape my business. I wanted to give you several cool online resources for women business owners to help empower you on your journey.  Continue Reading →

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Email Marketing For Your Small Business

Email Marketing For Your Small Busines

As a business owner you’ve probably heard that you’ll need to email customers opt-in newsletters, or that email marketing is the new wave and you need to get on it. Several big brands even have commercials stating why you need this for your business.

I will be completely honest, I am not the biggest pusher of newsletters or email marketing. If you read the site, you know I am big fan of growing your company local and word of mouth. However, when newsletters are done right, your company will get a nice return on the investment.  Continue Reading →

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