Discovery Call

Discovery Call

Finding solutions to problems is kind of-of my jam. I love helping people go from impossible to the aha moment that brings forth the clarity, clients, revenue, creativity and more. Discovery Call was a solution to a problem; I was having actually.

My audience, which is you did not have the monthly income to do my high-level coaching package, where I work with clients regularly to scale their business models. At first, I believed Buy Tasha Coffee was the solution to this problem, but it wasn’t. My email, dm and more were still flooded with people who needed help from me.

So, one day as I was sitting in the coffee shop with a goal to redesign my website, and that’s when Discovery Call came to me. I was looking at “new service page”, break down, and then it came to me. Away for you and I to work together that doesn’t break the bank but give you complete freedom to work with me from time to time.

Discovery call is about finding workable solutions to your current problem in a 45-minute period. There are no contracts that tie you down to a monthly commitment you cannot make. As you know, I am not big on causing financial strain on others.

During Discovery Call sessions our focus is the solution you need to get over this hurdle. These are not monthly calls, but they are solutions to your problems when they do arise in business.

If you would like to work with me, please fill out this questionnaire below. It will answer all the questions my staff, and I need to know about you. Discovery call isΒ $185 for the 45-minute session, only one session is allowed per quarter.

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