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Small Business Resources For Women: Atlanta

mall Business Resources For Women Atlanta

The number of online resources for small businesses are in the millions, but qualifying them to make sure they are the right tools for your business can feel like a tremendous amount of work. So I decided to create a new series for women entrepreneurs, small business and startups, targeting various cities across the country. By polling the women who follow ICB Consults on Instagram, we came up with several cities that our core audience lives in. We will break down resources in Atlanta, Detroit, DC, Dallas, Memphis and a couple more cities.

Note some of the resources will be the same in some cities. When I first launched my business I however overlooked the importance of some of these resources especially becoming members of women focused groups. Today we will start with Atlanta.  Continue Reading →

4 In Growth/ People

Creating Social Capital For Business

Creating Social Capital For Business

Creating social capital for business is something I wouldn’t say that I am new to, but the wording was just never presented to me this way until hearing Kevin Kyom of Tech Ranch Austin speak last year. Kevin is a brilliant man that’s pushing the notion of being a part of an ecosystem community, bootstrapping and being passionate about what you’re pursuing in life. You can say we hit it off because of having many things in common when it comes to the entrepreneurial community.

Continue Reading →

11 In How To/ Legal/ Startup Basics

5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Business

5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Business

You have gone through the emotions and even made pro’s and con’s lists about your dream business. Now you are ready to launch your business but you are lost on how to actually do that. In Kick Start Your e-commerce Consultation I walk clients through a 5 week course on how to launch their business, including: site design, branding, payment gateways and much more. Continue Reading →

2 In Design/ Web Design

Guide To Understanding e-commerce Sites

Guide To Understanding eCommerce Sites

All e-commerce sites are not created equal when it comes to your companies needs. We have discussed your website needs several times on the site. You can read about Must Haves Shopping Cart, Call To Action, Things You Missed on Your Site and so many more to come. For your business to be successful, you must research and find the right platform for you to use — not just sign up with the cheapest one.  Continue Reading →

3 In Legal/ Startup Life

The Importance of Doing It Right

Why You Should Take Proper Steps to Setup and Run Your Business

I am the type of person who just wants to do it. An idea comes to me and I want to get it done. I don’t want to sit around, discuss and think about it all day, I want to execute it. Most entrepreneurs share this sense of urgency—the need to execute. It is a huge part of what makes your business successful. However, what the best entrepreneurs are interested in is when you get it done, that you’re getting it done right. Getting it done right starts you off with a solid legal foundation that will save you a great deal of headache and unnecessary expense. Continue Reading →

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