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What’s In Your Bag: Hustle & Heels

What's In Your Bag: Keisha of Hustle and Heels

1. Vitamins 2. Sunglasses 3. Notebook 4. Blackberry 5. Cerva Lotion 6. Lipgloss 7. Perfume 8. Bronzer 9. Louis Vuitton Wallet 10. iphone 11. Sephora Brush 12. Energy Pack

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Launching my blog www.hustleandheels.com to represent everything that my mother taught me growing up and what she continues to teach me today. I know everyone did not have that in their childhood. I created Hustle & Heels because I meet lots of women who are passionate about their businesses, but who can feel isolated, confused, & lost. Hustle & Heels is a way of bringing women in business together, to share our business passions and to support, encourage and learn from each other. Society needs more of that. But wait, there’s more!

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Misconception Of Success

The misconceptions of sucess when it comes to business. How we measure ourselves

Recently, I shared several images on Instagram from magazines I was reading while in Barnes & Nobles. One of my followers responded,

“Keep it coming!! I had a rough day yesterday, so your posts have been encouraging me to keep pressing on. Today, I woke up with a whole new attitude, and your posts keep confirming what I must do! Thank You!!”

As soon as I read those words, I knew I had to call her. I sent her a DM to call me with my number. I even joked that I normally do not give out my number even though it is listed everywhere for my business. I am very accessible person, and there is a reason behind that. There is no guarded surface behind my success story, but I still have to watch out for the dangers of giving my number to strangers. I knew from this person’s posts, however, that she was someone I must talk to. But wait, there’s more!

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Write it Down, Make it Happen

Write it Down, Make it happen

Write It Down, Make It Happen was the perfect book to read after reading Every Day A Friday. One of the things mentioned at the end of Every Day a Friday, was that he kept a compliment folder. He started it when he first took over his father’s church. Henriette, within her first chapters, talks about how she has a compliment file too! They both complimented each other so well, that I deem them both must-reads.  But wait, there’s more!

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Whats In Your Bag: Gigee Marie

What's In Your Bag: Gigee Marie

1. iPhone 4S  2. Aldo wallet 3. Gigee Marie Black Woven Mini 4. umbrella 5. T baby wipes 6. Assortment of lipgloss & make up 7.  lotion 8.Body mist  9. Dove deodorant10. Clinique Matte Foundation

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Just launching my business is an accomplishment to me. I’m proud of the fact that I stopped talking about it and actually went for it. The positive feedback and publicity that I’ve received is more than what I expected in just the short amount of time that I’ve been in business. I definitely didn’t expect to be featured on Refinery 29, the Washington Post Express, Fox 5 DC, and a bunch of other fashion blogs in less than a year.

But wait, there’s more!

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March in Review

Faith Luke 1:37

Thanks of the Month: Thanks go to God. He has covered me for 27 years. He loved me when I didn’t love myself. In my darkest hours, when I wasn’t singing his praises, he still got me through. He is my foundation. He supplies all my needs. In the last couple of weeks, I have heard him and have learned how to be still. He told me via songs, movies, TV shows & even a 2012 sermon from Joel Osteens. I am learning and listening.

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What’s in Your Bag: NailGurl

1. Wallet 2. iPhone 3. Pouch 4. Coach Bag 5. Hand sanitizer and 5 Hour Energy Drink 6. Keys 7. Curel Lotion

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment so far has been finding myself…creatively! I have been fashion blogging for the past 6 years, and you can say that I got burned out. So with the time away from the fashion blogging scene, I realized that I needed to be in total control of my creative side. Since art has always been a major factor in my life, I knew that I wanted to do my art to some degree. I just had no clue that I’d being putting my artwork on nails.

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Book Review: Creative, Inc.

Creative, Inc Meg Mateo Joy Deangdeelert

My library is quiet large and currently overwhelmed with books that are sitting on the shelf for far to long without me reading them. Creative, Inc. happens to be one of those books. I ordered it at some point before my birthday last year, and now I’m finally getting around to reading it. This book is not just for the freelancer–it has great tips and tricks in here for the small business owner and entrepreneur in other fields. Continue Reading →

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What’s in Your Bag: Colleen

What's In Your Bag: Collen of Entrepreneur Magazine

1. Sunglasses 2. Keys. 3. Rume Pouch 4. Metro Card 5. Lipglosses 6. Entrepreneur Magazine Growth Conference Booklet

What’s your biggest accomplishment? I’m happy that I ticked a few things off my bucket list, like writing a book, skydiving and running a marathon. (Still on the list: Starting my own business!) But actually, I’d say my biggest accomplishment is feeling comfortable in my own skin. It’s a terrific upside of aging: Knowing what you want, what you don’t want, and having the confidence to speak up when it comes to either.

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Your Company’s Website

Build Your Dream Website

When people tell me that they run a business, the first thing I do is Google them to find their site. Your site is a key component in your business. If you run a business, having a website is a must-have in the technology based world we live in. Consumers are shopping more and more on the internet and on their mobile devices. There are some businesses that are still in the dark ages who think they don’t need a website or to use social media, but they’re wrong. Potential and current customers need a means to connect with you. Being that Imperfect Concepts is an online boutique, my only choice is to have a website.

In the last year or so since I have been on the pursuit of shopping small, I have noticed a high percentage of small businesses that don’t have a fully functional website. Rather, their site is all over the place. One of the first things about your website should’t be a video of Beyonce singing Halo, especially if you’re not a music site. Wix is not a suitable website either. At the start-up of your business, spend the extra time and customize your site! Continue Reading →

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The $100 Start Up Conversation

$100 Startup Tour Book

Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing Chris Guillebeau speak at El Centro on his book The $100 Start Up tour. For the last year or so, I kept hearing about Chris’s book. I saw many women’s groups hosting twitter chats, and many write-ups in magazines. Up until one of my good twitter friends tweeted a link to his book tour, I didn’t truly decide to give this book a chance. After his post, I knew I needed to meet the man that is causing all this commotion in the entrepreneur world. But, how could I meet him if  I hadnt read his book? I got on Amazon, and ordered it with several other books (which tends to happen when I set out to buy just ONE book on Amazon). This book is going down as one of my favorites of 2013. It’s just like Chasing Cool, Rubies In The Orchard + Crush It were for me last year (my top 3 books of 2012). They are all chalked full of great information!  Continue Reading →

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