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How To Find The Right Bank For Your Small Business Needs

4 tips on how you can find the right bank for your small business.

The other day, I was reading a thread in a closed Facebook group and the discussing focused on the poster asking about which bank they should use for their business needs. As you can expect there were over 50 comments of people sharing why they love their bank and referral links. Let me first say, I have banked with a plethora of different banks such as; First National Bank, Bank of America, Chase, Citi Bank, Navy Federal, Wells Fargo, and a couple more to just name a few. As we all know everyone is not everyone’s cup of tea and that goes the same for banks. Continue Reading →

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Cultivating Healthy Relationships With Bankers

Cultivating Healthy Relationships With Bankers

There is something about walking into the bank and being greeted by my first name. There was a point in time I only received a Hello. No eye contact or anything just the standard hello welcome to bank of america. I never really thought nothing of this until I launched my business. When I first launched my business I was using Citibank to handle business and personal. They are amazing and truly taught me what it means for a banker to care. However since moving I switched banks because there are no Citi’s in my town.  Continue Reading →

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