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Finding Your Voice in A Crowded Market

Finding Your Voice In A Crowded Market

Article after article will tell you that your company has to be everywhere – just so you can reach your “target demographic”. Their idea is that it will benefit you to practically spread yourself thin, hoping you will get a ROI on an investment. What most of these big content based sites fail to realize is it is just you — not a legion of employees and a staff dedicated solely to social media.

Finding your voice in a crowded market can be hard if you try to be everything to everyone on each of the 300+ social media platforms. However as a small business owner, just like you niched down your business, you need to focus on what works for you: this helps your business have a solid voice.

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Business of Blogging

Business of Blogging

There are millions of people trying their hand at the blogging world and that number is growing more and more every day. This means, as a business owner, you should be blogging just as much as everybody else in order to stay in the game. Some business owners, and you might be one of them, think that there just isn’t anything to blog about. However, in the same way that there are different niches, like lifestyle or fashion blogs, there is a niche just for you: business blogging!

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