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5 Ways To Bootstrap Your Business

Five Ways To Bootstrap Your Business

In the last couple of years, I have heard more business owners discussing how they want someone else to fund their business. They also say, there’s no reason to fund small businesses themselves, or they are going to make others do it via a crowd-source site. The majority of the time, the person has little knowledge about business let alone financing a business. Being inexperienced is fine (everyone has to start somewhere) as long as you do more research before you embark on any of those paths.

Going along with our back to basics focus, we want to break down various topics in the creative small business world when it comes to sourcing capital for your business. We have written Fund Your Dreams and want to expand on one of the various types of business funding. First, we will cover bootstrapping. This is a method people are less familiar with and it sometimes gets a bad wrap.

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