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Shh…it’s a secret, SEO!

SEO Secrets Danny Dover

I recently read Danny Dover’s book, SEO Secrets, and it helped me tremendously! I always thought that the SEO world was changing at such a rapid rate, and that nobody really knew “exactly” the science behind SEO ranking. However, since reading this book, I have realized that there is a formula, and a step by step process to making your business’ website better, more popular and more relevant online. Plus, Danny Dover gives links, lists, and insider tips in little side notes all throughout the book, and I love the organized, easy-to-read layout. As an added plus, this book will look great on your bookshelf or coffee table because of it’s blue smoky and industrial graphic design (which I learned later is one of the ways he markets–visual appeal). Here are some things that I thought I would share from this book, that helped me tremendously, and hopefully will help you too! But wait, there’s more!

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