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Establishing A Budget For Your Small Business

Establishing A Budget For Your Small Business

Nowadays people are so excited to launch their dream business that they forget one important aspect…establishing a budget. This is critical for creating a small business if you hope to turn it into a huge success. Most Americans do not live on a (or know how to) budget, so you can imagine it can be hard for some to create a budget for their soon-to-be business. However, here is an easy way for you to establish a budget for your business.

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Road To Mentorship

Road To Mentorship

Today I want to talk about how I got to know one of most influential people in my life right now, and how you can go about doing the same. Mentorship is an influential aspect in the development of a person and their business. Having someone that is where you want to be to guide you through the process can be very helpful. A plethora of people miss out on the positivities of having someone guide them through the journey called life. People often feel lost on how to navigate their personal and business lives.

Currently in my life I have one mentor. Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter. She is a brilliant person and has risen to the top of her respective industry, thus creating success on her own terms. My route of perusing her as my mentor was slightly different than other mentors I have had in the past. I approached her via social media and turned my virtual mentor into a real life one. Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Hustle & Heels

What's In Your Bag: Keisha of Hustle and Heels

1. Vitamins 2. Sunglasses 3. Notebook 4. Blackberry 5. Cerva Lotion 6. Lipgloss 7. Perfume 8. Bronzer 9. Louis Vuitton Wallet 10. iphone 11. Sephora Brush 12. Energy Pack

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Launching my blog www.hustleandheels.com to represent everything that my mother taught me growing up and what she continues to teach me today. I know everyone did not have that in their childhood. I created Hustle & Heels because I meet lots of women who are passionate about their businesses, but who can feel isolated, confused, & lost. Hustle & Heels is a way of bringing women in business together, to share our business passions and to support, encourage and learn from each other. Society needs more of that. But wait, there’s more!

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Learning Business In July

Learning Business in July

Normally, (two days before the end of the month) I have already written my month in review post. With only a couple of days left, I am currently sitting in my bed eating sour patch kids and reflecting on the month of July. To be honest, the first week was rather rough as far as my personal life goes. I’m still dealing with the falling-in-love-and-getting-heart-broken thing. Rather, the still-in-love-but-single thing, all while running two businesses and trying to maintain a regular life.

To help me through this time, I have been working harder than I normally do. For the month of June, I was off and I’m not afraid to admit that. I didn’t meet my sales goals, and I just didn’t feel like doing anything productive. July is the store’s anniversary and my birthday month. With that in mind, I am putting everything back on track.

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Shh…it’s a secret, SEO!

SEO Secrets Danny Dover

I recently read Danny Dover’s book, SEO Secrets, and it helped me tremendously! I always thought that the SEO world was changing at such a rapid rate, and that nobody really knew “exactly” the science behind SEO ranking. However, since reading this book, I have realized that there is a formula, and a step by step process to making your business’ website better, more popular and more relevant online. Plus, Danny Dover gives links, lists, and insider tips in little side notes all throughout the book, and I love the organized, easy-to-read layout. As an added plus, this book will look great on your bookshelf or coffee table because of it’s blue smoky and industrial graphic design (which I learned later is one of the ways he markets–visual appeal). Here are some things that I thought I would share from this book, that helped me tremendously, and hopefully will help you too! But wait, there’s more!

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What’s In Your Bag: Shobha

What's In Your Bag: Shoba

1. iphone 2. Coach Wallet 3. Opi Nail Polish 4. Enjoy Life Candy Bar 5. Truly Natural Deodorant 6. Shobha® Refreshing Water Cloth 7. Lean In, Business Cards & Shobha® Brow Pencil {sand}

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Being able to live both my dreams of having a family and owning a company.  It has always been really easy to let my professional life take over when I first started the business and even now.  The business demands so much of my time that I am thankful I have been able to prioritize my personal life.  Making sure family and my personal life are a priority, a life beyond my business, was actually advice several women who had graduated from Harvard Business School 10 years before me had given me; advice they had wished that someone had shared with them. Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Jem Of The South

What's In Your Bag Tamara of Jem of The South
1. Coach Sunglasses 2. Umbrella 3. AKA Checkbook 4. Hearts Pen 5. Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter 6. Business Cards 7. Hand Sanitizer 8. Lip Gloss 9. Pur

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Launching Jem of the South has been my biggest accomplishment. Before starting my dessert media company, I was only going through the motions in everything I did. After starting Jem, my creativity was unleashed and I’ve stepped so far out of the my comfort zone. I wouldn’t dare turn back!

What are three books you would recommend to our readers? I used to be an avid reader, but will have to admit my reading list now consists more of blogs. One book that I will suggest is the “The Big Enough Company” by Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams. But wait, there’s more!

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What’s In Your Bag: Joanna Simkin

Joanna Whats In Your Bag

1. Small Wallet 2. Sunglasses Cases 3. Makeup Bag 1 4. hair ties 5. 3 Jumpdrives 6. iphone chargers 7. Makeup bag 2 8. Hand sanitizer & lotion 9. Prada bag 10. Business cards 11. I am Lucky (receipts bag) 12. ipad 13. Rosebud lip gloss

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
I’m most proud of making the decision to leave a comfortable full-time position in 2009 and move to LA (by myself) to pursue my dream of being a freelance makeup artist. It wasn’t always been smooth sailing, but I never went back to working for somebody else again, and I don’t plan to.
When did you know you wanted to be MUA?
I always liked to play with makeup, but when I was 19, I got a makeover at a Bobbi Brown counter, and that was the first time I thought “Wow, people get paid to do makeup?!” At that time, I thought the only “make-up artist” job was working at a counter. I soon learned that you can be a make-up artist many other ways.

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Kelly Cutrone is Heaven Sent

If You Have To Cry, Go Outside Kelly Cutrone

Let me first put the disclaimer out there that I purchased this book when it first came out, but I was not in the right frame of mind to read it back then. Now, I think this book is heaven sent.

Kelly Cutrone is like a shot of hard liquor with no chaser. To some that might not be a compliment, but it the best compliment I can give her. “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside” was what I needed to get my mind on track and bring clarity to my life. The book is not a long read, or something that would take you days to get through–I read a chapter a day and took notes on key points she made in the book. What I learned from doing this was to follow the beat of your own drum, do what makes you happy, that normalcy is boring and to find my tribe.
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Whats In Your Bag: Wrist Soiree

Whats In Your Bag: Wrist Soiree

1. Make-Up Bag, 2. iPhone 3. Assortment of Lipgloss 4. Notebook 5. Earrings from Wrist Soiree

What’s your biggest accomplishment? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re referring to something other than giving birth 3 times. 🙂 Right now, my biggest accomplishment is starting a shop and sticking with it.  I have enjoyed watching my shop grow and watching myself grow in the process! Continue Reading →

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