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25 Questions To Ask Before 2014

Tasha in Decree Blouse, Mango Jeans, and Zara Booties. #boxbraids #bizbloggerI usually have written my month in review by now, but I knew that the blog post for December would be very different from the usual review. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life in 2013. Last night, I sat there and thought about how 2013 has been pretty darn good to me. No complaints here. I have lots of joy and have triumphed.

Recently, on bloglovin, I found a new blog to read, “Everything Happens for a Reason“. She did an introspective piece on
“25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before The End of The Year.” I am joining her by answering the questions. Are you ready? I am kind of scared for my own responses…

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Business to Business Consulting

IC now offers consulting to individuals looking to start their own business, open an online store or who need branding help. I added consulting to ICB because I personally know how lost someone can be when starting a business. There is a lot that the books don’t tell you, and you will be shocked by what they are leaving out. I want others to grow and run successful businesses. If you want my help, hire me. This is business to business. I know where you are and where you are trying to go, so please contact me at the email above to talk.

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