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Utilizing Constructive Feedback To Help Grow Your Business

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The other day, I was talking to a friend about how business owners are not open to receiving constructive feedback regarding their businesses. Honestly, we can debate on this subject for hours, but most people have a wall up and believe they are right all the time. If you come to me with honest, constructive feedback, and insight I can use to help me grow my business I am all ears, notepad and recording device. I believe in order to be the best business owner; my iron needs to be sharpened by others. Today, I want to share how you can utilize constructive feedback to help grow your business.  Continue Reading →

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Establishing Tiered Pricing

Establishing Tiered Pricing

Do you want to achieve a $1,000 sales goal for this week, month or quarter? The quickest way to making a thousand dollars is not 100 customers spending $10. That’s the long and drawn out way of achieving your sales goal. The fastest way to achieve a $1000 sales goal is having one customer spend $1000 on one product or service. Next, would be 2 customers spending $500 or 4 spending $250 or finally getting 10 to spend $100.  Continue Reading →

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