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Cultivating Relationships With Influencers

Cultivating Relationships With Influencers

As we discussed in last months how to collaborate with influencers, this can help grow your business in different and new avenues – if done right. While engaging several of you on social media, I’ve learned there are  misconceptions of how to actually build relationships. Let me point out that you should never just send someone products in hopes they will shout you out. You need a feasible approach that will guarantee results and longevity in the relationship.

Trust, this is something I talk to clients about daily in coaching. I personally have had celebrities such as Angela Simmons and Toya Wright wear garments from my first start up. On the other hand, I’ve had experiences reaching out to some big time reality stars who’s management promised their client would rock something. They received a million things they never wore and proceeded to ignore countless emails about gifts. So let’s talk about doing this right so you can get a return on the investment.  Continue Reading →

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