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HARO: Have You Heard

Help A Report Out

Help A Report Out has become my best friend in only three weeks. HARO is a website that helps reporters and freelancers get leads and quotes for their stories. As a small business owner it is extremely hard to get press without having a PR firm behind you. I opt-ed out of hiring one for the simple fact I have a degree in PR and worked in the field for 4 years. HARO helps me out because I lack a connection to publications. Connections that reach out to publications greatly help small businesses. Since joining the site, I have been interviewed for several major publications, which is really cool. Each freelancer asked to keep me on their source list for other stories that might come up. Help A Report Out is a free service that will help you out (trust me). The only slight downfall is that they email you three times a day which can be slightly overwhelming. HARO immediately called me and tried to sell me vocus, but I had to decline. Even though this can be a lot, I highly suggest joinging HARO to help grow your business with the press.

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