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Characteristics of The Ideal Client

Helping you understand how you can determine the characteristics of your ideal client.

When I first launched ICB Consults, the thought of an “ideal” client was not the first thing that crossed my mind when it came to launching a consulting business. My only thought was “I want people who can pay my monthly fee”. After, experiencing several nightmare clients, I have learned that all service businesses should create a list of characteristics of their ideal client.  Continue Reading →

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Breaking Up With Bad Clients

Breaking Up With Bad Clients

I saved the best for last in this series regarding clients in service based small businesses. How does one deal with the dreaded break up with bad clients. This is such a tough subject matter that most refrain from discussing because you are either aggressive, passive aggressive or passive when it happens.

As a business owner your sanity matters more than your company bottom line, at times. Not all clients are going to be perfect for your company. That means you need to fire them but make it a win-win situation, if possible, like Stephen Covey talks about in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.  Continue Reading →

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Winning Clients From The Past

Winning Clients From The Past

Winning clients from the past can help propel your future business endeavors. Having a service business can be tough; most do not have a physical product they can sell to help generate income they need to thrive. Or you have wrapped up clients projects and are just in between times. We have discussed How To Win Clients and Playing For Keeps With Clients, thus far. Today let’s discuss getting former clients back on your schedule.

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