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Four Things I Wish I Knew Before Launching A Service Company

Breaking down some insight on what its like to run a service based business. | Imperfect Concepts

Before officially closing down my online high-end resale boutique, I started the transition into running a consulting company. I had no earthly idea on how I was supposed to do this. My approach to business has always to get my hands dirty, and learn as you go. So, you can say I took all the mistakes I learned, and they were my guide for consulting. Today, I want to share five things I wish I knew before launching a service company. No matter if you’re a service business or product based business there is insight in here for you too. Continue Reading →

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3 Reasons To Hire A Contract Attorney

3 Reasons To Hire A Contract Attorney

Business is difficult, and legal compliance doesn’t make it any easier. However, contracts are something you have to get use to as a business owner. There are many things that you can walk yourself through, particularly on the compliance side, as there are state agencies that make proactive efforts to help you meet regulatory obligations. However, contracts are an area where you are set out in the woods on your own. Continue Reading →

2 In Legal/ Startup Life

Contracts… So Necessary

Why contracts are very important for your service based business

This segment of your relationship with your graphic designer is brought to you by the school of hard knocks and painful lessons learned. When I started my venture into designing for business owners I was naive and excited. Believing that people would honor their word if I honored mine, I did not have contracts, down payments, kill fees etc. Everything was working well with the first several clients but then I learned why you have to have a contract. One month in particular, I had three wonderful clients lined up that I had completed several hours of work for. Continue Reading →

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