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A Polished Presentation

99% of business is complicated; registering your name, searching trademarks, logo design, web development are all part of the process of creating a brand. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you most have a polished presentation for every aspect of your company, especially for an e-commerce (where your storefront is only online). Keep in mind that the image you exude is your brand.

I work from home, but I still get dressed for work everyday because of the people I might run into while I’m out running errands. Everyone’s style is different, and you don’t have to be Victoria Beckham and dress in six inch heels every day. For guys, you don’t have to put on a three piece suit. You do, however, want to be polished. Every occasion calls for a different look, and you have to learn which looks go for what occasion. A blazer goes a long way with updating your look. Above is one of my go-to looks.

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