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Design A “Next Purchase Discount Card” To Establish A Customer Retention Program

Step by step guide on how you can design a "next purchase discount card" to bring your customers back monthly. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #Creative

People tell me that customers tend to be one and done when it comes to shopping with them. Meaning they shop once or they shop here and there every now and again. Primarily, when there is a deep discount attached to it. Well, I have a little secret that some big companies use and I use with my clients. I have deemed it the “Next Purchase Discount Card”. This is a simple way to reward customers who shop with you. Some people have argued with me, “I don’t want to reward people unless they spend x amount of money”. Well, here is the problem with that, unless you’re the innovator or creator of what you have, people can go else where to purchase. People can read a million blogs focused on small business advice.  Continue Reading →

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How To Land Your First Client

How To Land Your First Client

In March of 2013, I launched ICB Consults to help other women launch their own small business. As mentioned before, I had a built in audience and the transition from retail to consulting was slightly easier for me than most people who are jumping into the service industry.

I will share my actual story next month to educate and bring awareness of my own business. When I do Q&A on Instagram most people ask how do they land clients and keep them. We’re going to discuss how to land your first client and how to create a stream of income from your client basis.  Continue Reading →

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