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Should Email Marketing Be Apart Of Your Companies Customer Retention Plan

Three questions you should ask before jumping on the email marketing bandwagon. | Imperfect Concepts

In the last couple months, I have been talking to people about their companies outreach plan. You know the engagement plan you have to reach your target audience. Most small businesses rely on social media or blogging to connect with their audience. There was a time; I believed you needed to blog, social media and email marketing. Times have drastically changed on that front when it comes to targeting your audience. Personally, I believe too many small business owners are spread thin trying to be all and do all. Trust, I use to believe the hype that guru’s in my industry would share, but I always ignored the fact they had team to help with all those things. Today, I want to break down should email marketing be apart of your companies customer retention plan.  Continue Reading →

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How To Establish A Constant Funnel Of Paying Customers

4 Tips on how you can grow your revenue stream by adding a constant stream of clients or customers. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #advice

So, you launched your business and for the first month or so you saw some serious traction. You were excited for how things were going for your business. Then all of sudden it became the sahara desert with your sales and overall growth. Sales dropped down or there was no longer a list of people wanting to work with you. Trust, this is very normal when it comes to a new business. The excitement wears off and people forget you exist. This is why you need to establish a constant funnel of paying customers. Continue Reading →

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Why Your Customers Are Stalking You Before They Shop With You

On average it takes your future customers seven touches to purchase. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #businessadvice

A plethora of people will dismiss old school thoughts when it comes to the new way of customers shopping. Which, I understand both sides of the coins. However, people only shop for a couple reasons which are;

  • Informative
  • Word Of Mouth
  • Dream Purchase
  • Influencer

Yes, those are four things are reasons why people are shopping your store or utilizing your services, I believe all of them matter but know your customers are stalking you before they shop with you.

Continue Reading →

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How To Treat Your Customers Like Royalty

How To Treat Your Customers Like Royalty

No business can thrive without a customer base that is willing to spend money on their product or service. It just won’t work. It amazes me everyday when I log onto a social media account and see business owners treating their customers like crap. Customers have a lot of power. Their money is their power. In January alone, C. Wonder, Wet Seals, Arden B and a couple more have shut down completely or are on the verge.  Continue Reading →

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