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Netflix & Chill: How Creative Entrepreneur’s Can Decompress

Four shows to binge watch on Netflix to help you decompress from your creative small business. | Imperfect Concepts

The amount of stress a small business owner takes on is high. There is no way I can express how much stress I have in my life from running my business, taking care of myself and my mother. Some people might think, I make it look easy, or my life is easy, but it’s not. I chose to focus on other things in life and not complain. I figure things out on a daily basis and keep it moving. However, when life becomes a little too much for me to handle I just stop. I legit don’t work for 24-48 hours and just decompress. My favorite way to decompress is binge watching Netflix. You know we are all familiar with Netflix and Chill. Learn how you can Netflix and Chil to help you the creative entrepreneur decompress.  Continue Reading →

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