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Google In A League of Their Own

Google does it all let’s be honest, what doesn’t Google do? We use it as a verb and yet it is a company. Google as an entity is a powerful company that has changed our world. To think, they aren’t even 20 years old! They are still a teenager in terms of years. Google has launched many ventures in the business world, some have skyrocketed and changed our world and some have failed miserably and have been kicked to the curb.

Google and dealing with consumer’s money has been questionable, you don’t know if they are coming or staying. Let’s break it down even further.

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Everybody Loves Paypal

Paypal Mafia Founders

If you randomly walk up to anyone who might fall in the age demographic of 18-34, ask them about PayPal, chances are they know what it is and have a registered account. Most business owners we encounter simply have the PayPal option for their customers and only know this option to be their preference.

PayPal is not your only option, there are as we discussed in our Payment Gateway series thus far. However the company is America’s favorite right now. Continue Reading →

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Show Me The Money: Direct Payment

Last week, we started the conversation on payment gateways for your business. We learned there are more than three options for you to use and the basic knowledge of how it works for your business. Today, we are going to focus on the direct payment options that most small businesses do not even realize are out there.

To be honest, I knew I could have a pay direct option on my site, but didn’t know how to incorporate that. We all shop online and let’s be honest, big companies didn’t start integrating Paypal as an option for customers until 2010. That begs to question, what were the big companies using prior to this date? They were using direct pay.

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6 In Operation/ Startup Life

Tools of The Trade

Amazing cost friendly tools and equipments you can buy now for your small business

As a small business owner, there are several items I need to run my business besides my Macbook and iPhone. (Technically, my business could run off of my iPhone alone. Technology is love.) I recently had a “wake up call conversation” on Instagram, and several members of my IG family pointed out they did not have knowledge of certain equipment needed to run a business. So, I want to share with my blog family what those are as well. Here are some of the tools of the trade that I need to run Imperfect Concepts, Blog ICB and ICB Consults:

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3 In Design/ Graphic Design

Pretty Little Fonts

20 free fonts for hipsters

When working on a new project, there are many aspects consumers, clients and the public do not see. Right now, I am working on a great new project that will launch very soon. During this process, I have developed an obsession with fonts! They are can be plain, simple, over the top or very detail orientated. I want to share some great ones with you, which might help spark your creativity too! But wait, there’s more!

2 In Fashion/ Lifestyle

Shop Small For Valentine’s Day

Shop Small Biz for Valentines Day

1. Amour Bracelet by Shop BFrend. 2. Enjoi Cupake Red Velvet Cupcake In A Jar 3. Clutched & Covered Polka Dot Clutch  4. Gigee Marie Sorbet Studded Mini  5. T + J Designs Love Necklace 6. Whipped Body Goods Valentine Set   7. Wriste Soiree Phoebe Necklace 8. Made by Girl Love Print

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone needs a little love. Spread the love by checking out these small businesses and shopping their store for your Valentine’s gift for a loved one or even a gift for yourself. I personally own a Love print already, but I think I need some Whipped Body Goods (hopefully those will be coming home very soon).


4 In Fashion/ How To/ Startup Life/ Style

A Polished Presentation

99% of business is complicated; registering your name, searching trademarks, logo design, web development are all part of the process of creating a brand. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you most have a polished presentation for every aspect of your company, especially for an e-commerce (where your storefront is only online). Keep in mind that the image you exude is your brand.

I work from home, but I still get dressed for work everyday because of the people I might run into while I’m out running errands. Everyone’s style is different, and you don’t have to be Victoria Beckham and dress in six inch heels every day. For guys, you don’t have to put on a three piece suit. You do, however, want to be polished. Every occasion calls for a different look, and you have to learn which looks go for what occasion. A blazer goes a long way with updating your look. Above is one of my go-to looks.

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