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Lessons Learned: Kate of Kate O. Group

Kate of Kate O' Group shares insight on being a small business owner.
Today, I have the pleasure to introduce you to an amazing women business owner based in the great state of Texas. Yes, I am a little bias, but I am a Texan. Meet Kate a talented graphic and website designer based out of Plano, Texas that has an amazing dog named Bailey that I had to give a shout to too. She is a creative genius behind Kate O. Group and trusts me; you will want to hire her.

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Lessons Learned: Jessica of DSR Apparel

Jessica of DSR Apparel shares her insight on the lessons she has learned thus far on her small business journey.

Several years ago, when I had an online store I decided to put my PR degree to good use by pitching bloggers to cover my boutique. There was a list of over 50 bloggers across the United States that I reached out to for an interview. Jessica of DSR Apparel was one of those bloggers, and since then she has turned into one of my closest friends. She is brilliant beyond a shadow of a doubt, her gif text game is poppin, and she honestly has a passion for what she is doing.

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Lessons Learned: Jessica of No Real Jewelry

Women entrepreneurship sharing their truths about running a business. | Imperfect Concepts

Today, I want you to meet Jessica of No Real Jewelry based out of Chicago, IL. Funny story, I always saw D’Cher of Love Peridot tweeting Jessica on Twitter and I was like who is this person. You know we are all types of nosy in real life. Well, I immediately followed her and it’s been one of the best decisions ever. Jessica is amazing inside and out on all levels. I love reading her blog, newsletter and following her social media. She is a true go-getter.  Continue Reading →

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Lessons Learned: D’Cher of Love Peridot

Women entrepreneurship sharing their truths about running a business. | Imperfect Concepts

Today, I want you to meet D’Cher of Love Peridot located in the Chicago, IL area. Let me just say that when I say I adore D’Cher and what she is doing I mean that. I am super excited for her continued growth as an entrepreneur. Daily she is striving to bring to not only be a better business owner but brightens her customers lives with her amazing pieces she sources herself. If you’re in the Chicago area make sure you stop by the Boss Babe Popup Shop she is one of the vendors. Continue Reading →

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Learn How To Stop Ranting About Your Clients On Social Media And Turn Those Situations Into Educational Moments

Twitter fingers regarding clients behavior is costing your company money. Learn how to handle these tip of situation with grace and education. | Imperfect Concepts


There was a time in my business life prior to me becoming this polished business woman I am today, cough where I would rant about my customers or clients on social media. However, since then I have learned you not only lose more business by doing this, you’re stepping out of character for no real reason. Yes, I get on your website it shows your processing and shipping time, but people continuously email you about where their order is. Or you have clients who sign service agreements, but several years later want all the raw images from their wedding when said contract said they only get 100 for the amount they agreed to. I have been on all three sides of this spectrum from being the customer to product business and a service based company. In the last several months, I have cringed and vowed not to support small business owners who have done these things. Let me also note when I see these things done I send a private message or email as a consulting stating why this is bad for business. Today, I want you to learn how to turn your rants about customers into educational moments for you and them. Continue Reading →

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