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7 Ways To Tackle Your Inbox This Weekend

Purging, Sorting, Pausing are just some of the ways to tackle your business inbox. | Imperfect Concepts #Email #Inbox

I love utilizing the weekend to do task that will help make my business run smoother. Learn how to tackle your inbox this very weekend. I have discussed some of these things before, but this is something people constantly struggle with. Here’s how 2 hours this weekend can revitalize your inbox and change how you feel when that¬†notification goes off from a new incoming email. Continue Reading →

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How To Streamline Your Business Inbox

How To Streamline Your Business Inbox

I cannot count how many¬†conversations I’ve had with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners starting with “I wish I could get my inbox down to zero” or “My inbox is over crowded with junk I can’t find that one email”. Meanwhile, I am thinking what kind of emails are they getting that I am not because my business inbox is completely streamlined and organized. Marie Forleo once said if you can answer it in 2 minutes or less do it or something of that nature. That’s what I tend to do. As soon as I see the email if it’s a quick question and response that’s what the person receives. If it is lengthy it gets put on the back burner. Continue Reading →

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