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5 Amazing Podcast For The Entrepreneur

5 Amazing Podcast For The Entrepreneur #imperfectconcepts

If you asked me a year ago the best podcast for entrepreneurs to listen to I would give you a blank stare. That’s how much I avoided and didn’t acknowledge the podcast community. Mainly, because I can do several things at once but I cannot listen in and multitask. If you know what I mean. I need to pay attention to all the details and take notes, if necessary. Well, with all these podcast you are going to want to pause what you are doing and just listen.

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Gift Giving On An Entrepreneur Budget

Gift Giving On An Entrepreneur Budget #imperfectconcepts

Holiday season is in full swing and you are eager to give your friends, clients, and loved ones the best holiday experience they’ve had, thus far. Which is a normal feeling to have as well as it’s normal to want to give to others, especially those you care about. However, breaking your budget to do so is a huge no no. Gift giving on an entrepreneur budget does not have to be hard or anything of that nature. Continue Reading →

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Family and Friends Savings Club

Family and Friends Savings Club

A couple years ago, I was reading Latina Magazine and they were discussing ways to save money to fund your business. They mentioned how in the Latin community, it is very common for family and friends to help each other get their business off the ground — they do this by funding it within the family or circle of friends. No outside banks, investors or anything else for that matter. I was really intrigued by this idea.  Continue Reading →

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Creative Ways To Fund Your Business

Creative Ways To Fund Your Business

Determining how to fund your business is always a hot topic when it comes to starting a business and day to day aspects of business. Definitely one of the top things people mention to me. “I can’t fund my business,” and “How did you get the start up capital?” Finally, “I have no money to invest in my start up – why can’t I get an investor?”. I hear everything on the spectrum from social media inquires to the consultation courses I teach. However, money is a tool you do need to sustain your business for the long term. Here are a couple ways to infuse your business with cash

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Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

I’ve noticed how many business owners and entrepreneurs are confused about social media marketing. It’s an important tool to your business success and it is vital to understand it completely — as it has the power to influence what others think about you. In this article, I want to help you by defining social media and giving you examples of common mistakes that occur daily. Continue Reading →

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Writing Your Way To Financing Your Dreams

Writing Your Way To Financing Your Dreams

Last week we started the conversation on financing your dream business by using the bootstrap method. We are huge fans of  financing your business this way but we also realize that this is not the route every business owner wants to go. As in our first article on the subject matter of finance, we are going to outline all the options you have.

Next on the list is writing your way to financing your dreams by business or elevator competition. This route reminds us of when we were in high school vying for the prestigious scholarships for college. Yes you can write your way into garnering funds for your small business.

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How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines

Search engines only do two things! Isn’t it nice to know that all this time you’ve been stressing about SEO, that all you had to factor were two seemingly small elements? Search engines crawl and list. This is the very first thing you need to know when building the foundations of your SEO campaign. I will explain what crawl and list mean in this post. I will also talk about how your site can land on a search engine’s radar. Let’s do some SEO!
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Our 2014 Reading List

Our 2014 reading list

Almost everyday, we are asked what we are currently reading or what our past favorite books have been. We have really long lists if you ask anyone on staff. All of us are avid readers with an addiction to learning.

We have several Pinterest boards dedicated to books that you can check out (20122013, entrepreneurGreat Books) we recently created our 2014 Reading List pin board full of books for you to read too. Here are the top ones for the new year and an explanation for why they are on our list.

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